Wednesday, March 29, 2017

NIT: Jackets Advance

TECH: I watched the semifinal - had to fight C for the remote and switch during commercials. The whole game I was afraid GT would lose their lead. Lammers’ style scares me on his foul shots. Tech sure has some bizzaro names on the back of their jerseys.

Was reading the GT alumni magazine and posting the football schedule on my calendar. There was an article about Tech traditions. Drownproofing was mentioned. Today current Tech students have no concept of the old Rat Caps. These days only freshmen in the marching band wear them. 
GT plays TCU. MC’s younger brother is a freshman at TCU, and lives and dies with every sporting event. Thinks the world revolves around Horned Frog games. I’ll have to razz him some.
More Al Michaels: when Earl Weaver was his partner on Monday Night Baseball, every Tuesday morning Al and Earl would ride to the airport together. Earl would always be scribbling numbers on a legal pad. Finally one day Al asked Earl what he was doing. Earl was adding in what he’d earned the night before, and figuring how much money he needed so he could retire.
Also Michaels said Cosell thought he knew everything about baseball. He’s always call for a bunt in situations where a bunt would be terrible. Finally Uecker went to great pains to explain why they shouldn’t bunt. Finally Cosell sighed “Uke, I hear what you’re saying. But you don’t have to be so truculent. You probably don’t even know what that means.” Without missing a beat Uecker quipped “Sure, Howard. If you had a truck and lent it to me, that’d be a truculent.” Cosell was speechless.
Michaels called the famous Mary Dekker / Zola Budd 3000 meters race in the 1984 LA Olympics. The next day he was supposed to call another women’s race with fellow announcer Wilma Rudolph, but she got mixed up on the time. OJ Simpson was helping call men’s races, so at the last minute OJ stepped in to help out. ABC had messed up the time, and failed to show Carl Lewis win his record 4th gold medal live. They showed it 15 minutes late. Few noticed, but some did.

The big time: if you missed it, here's the link to my mention in Uni Watch yesterday.    
Busy-ness: I do too much “stuff” and need to cut back and exercise more. Posting to my blog, and researching info on things I’m curious about, then typing it up. I’ve been posting more pictures on my blog, which takes extra time every night. Paying bills. Filing insurance claims. Deleting junk emails, usually on weekends. I’m a member of four on line “communities” that pay me in Amazon gift cards for taking short surveys and making other contributions – 30-45 minutes a week total. My hobby: entering sweepstakes. Keeping up with eBay, which I don’t do enough. I have my reasons for what I do and don’t do. Not all of them are good.
In 2000 I got my first email account at work. Since then internet use has grown and grown, sucking away more time. Hopefully that only takes away from time watching TV, but that’s not really the case. I don’t pay as much attention to TV shows – I’m usually on my phone or laptop at the same time. To a certain extent social media is a time waster, but it helps keep in touch with friends, family, sports, politics, and news. With smart phones and Wi-Fi it’s quicker and easier than ever to get on line. Used to be dial up and slow internet speeds took forever, but nowadays that’s rarely the case. I might be doing more but it seems like I’m doing less – both at home and at work. There’s no real place to keep my stuff at the house.  
Fortunately my phone only interrupts me when I let it. I don’t get many texts or phone calls. Don’t know what to say. Not good at small talk (but you might disagree). I think Hurt is the same way, only because we never talk. He will comment on some of the pictures I post, but he seems to think he’s a bother. He’s not – his comments are always good.
I don’t like interruptions. Often at work it’s one interruption after another. Nature of the beast. Sometimes people are waiting in line. Or I’ll be working away, in my own little world, not even realizing someone is standing next to me wanting to ask a question. I would hate to have to be the person asking question after question. But lots of people at work have it way worse than me – busier, more emails and phone calls, more travel.
Some days are busier than others. A couple of days ago I was so busy I looked up and it was 1 pm. Things have gotten less hectic since we doubled our staff and got things under control. That means less mistakes are made by everyone, and I have to spend less time fixing problems. So I have a little breathing room. I’m able to be more proactive and work on projects I used to not have time for. This will all change tomorrow. Brad and I are going to a trade show across from Cumberland Mall. Friday is month end. Monday I’ll have my first of the month stuff to do. Everything repeats!
When our kids were young I would try and control the chaos. If something went wrong someone had to be blamed. One night we were over at the Normans and things were crazy with a dozen kids, but Steve and Becky didn’t let it affect them. Things just happened. They didn’t get mad or uptight. I saw how I all this stuff had me on edge, and most other people weren’t that way. I wished I could change but it’s hard. I’m better now, but there’s still part of me that worries. Being the worrier and the police isn’t popular with kids or wives.
Being at the bottom of the list is tough for me. I can see others that aren’t high on lists. Some deal with it better than me, some worse. In some ways it can be a blessing. When I’m at the beach or in SC I can do whatever I want and no one cares. But it’s nice to be made a fuss over sometimes. But if I don’t fight to be a part of things – that’s when I get left out. I have no one to blame but myself. W&MC do a good job of striking a balance between both families. The Gilberts have more to offer, but we get time as well.
Over the years I’ve packed personal things up and taken them home, including some Whitaker things. I remember sitting with Danny Morris at Brio at a dinner in Reid's honor. We both said we have stacks of NOLA stuff we were going to bring to a dinner to show how prolific he is. My accountant friend  says he wants to be like Reid when he retires. He already does lots of analysis on the Braves and Hawks. He only has one child.
It’s harder to stay organized at home. Some of my stuff is packed away under the steps. Other stuff is under the bed or in the attic. Got tons of old Cokes and Sports Illustrateds and batting helmets and football helmets and bobbleheads I need to get rid of.
At night and on weekends during the school year Ceil works on stuff for her class. She loves it. We are in a rut sitting at home in front of the TV almost every night. We need to get out more at night and on weekends. We’re poor planners and enjoy staying at home. Signing up for the class at JFBC was good. Getting involved in bobbleheads has helped me get out and meet people. But even at games I like to do what I want to do, explore the stadium, catch batting practice home runs, join the parade around the warning track. That’s hard to do when others want to do other things. I know you know about how that is. Sounds like Andrew might as well. He ranks pretty low on that trip!
My friend MB has different hobbies – mainly working around the house and budgeting. Before he retired he still exercised, but his company gave him time to exercise.
If you are like me I do better pecking out an email than talking on the phone. Helps me figure things out to be able to type them out. When I’m talking I forget and leave things out.
Tuesday: Left work shortly after six. Got home and cut the grass. Mowed some of the brush and ivy in the back, having to be extra careful. Wore me out. C cooked stir fry. Jeopardy. The Middle was a rerun so we watched The Voice. I really didn’t pay attention. Later M and I watched Cash Cab.  
Wednesday: pulling double duty tonight. Last JFBC class at six. I’ll have to leave early for my 8 pm focus group, on politics. JFBC member Judson Hill is speaking in our SS class this week. One of the other Republicans attends Passion City Church (Gray).   
The second week of the football season UGA plays up in South Bend. Both teams have been down, so it’ll be interesting to see which one rises to the occasion. The Irish open with Temple, then travel to Boston College the week after hosting UGA. The Dawgs open with Appalachian State, who can be tough.
The only gun I ever fired was a BB gun. W and A fired guns in SC at their Uncle’s farm. C probably shot guns as a kid.

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