Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Golden Arches

Got a text from Anna today. She’s out on the beach, and she texts me asking if she was getting a tax refund. My baby is growing up.
Went for another run this morning. Two mile route, with lots of hills. After 1-1/4 miles I stopped to tie my shoe. When I stood back up my back went out. The 3/4 mile walk home was a long one. Will be in pain today. I took one Advil. Since I ran this AM I drank the half full Monster energy drink that Matthew had left in the fridge. It must’ve lost its fizz cause those things really have a kick and this one didn’t. Like coffee on steroids. I don’t drink them much.
With one coworker let go, another transferred to another department, and a third on the road all the time, today and tomorrow two other coworkers are traveling. That leaves me, young admin Angie, and supervisor Rodney in the office today. Sure was busy. Also had a bunch of my own work to do today. So admin Angie was the only one I had to talk to today, but she sits behind me. It hurts to turn around (and laugh), so I told her I’d be talking to her while looking the other way. I do have a swivel desk chair, but that takes a lot of effort.
Sunday night’s home opener for the expansion Atlanta United FC soccer team was the fourth most attended soccer game of the weekend. Soccer teams have weird names. I heard there are three other teams in the league also named “United.” Kinda like the Bulldogs: Georgia, Mississippi State, the Citadel, Georgetown (nickname Hoyas, mascot Bulldogs). And there are others. Interesting the United colors are red, black, and gold – similar to the Falcons their first couple of seasons. And the owner of the Falcons picked the colors of both teams: Rankin Smith picked the Falcon colors and Arthur Blank picked United’s colors. I think.  
Listening to Ellen DeGeneres’ third book. Also painful. Very little real content – mostly fluffy random mind-wandering Ellen type “jokes” – similar to her fish character Dory. Sometimes I laugh because it’s so stupid. Luckily it’s only three CD’s long, so I’m almost finished. She said she’d invited people over for dinner and they were two hours late. She’d said 7 pm but they didn’t arrive until 9 pm. She told the story as part of her “be considerate of others” chapter. She did get semi-serious towards the end. I wasn't impressed.
You haven’t been missing the ACC Tourney this afternoon, have you?  I hear Clemson won.
I thought McDonalds coffee was supposed to be good. How does it compare to Starbucks? Ceil likes Dunkin Donuts coffee better than Starbucks. That’s what she drinks at home. Will is a coffee snob, but drinks McDonalds or Starbucks. He and MC have a huge coffee setup in their townhouse. Anna has a Keurig machine in her room.
Last Friday the bacon egg & cheese biscuits from McDonalds were pretty good. Bacon crispy, lots of egg, flaky biscuits. Hardees biscuits are good! They have this one that’s got scrambled eggs, cheese, and bits of bacon and ham and probably sausage. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. Bojangles also has good biscuits. And Chickfila. And Martins. Now I’m hungry again. 
Baseball pace of play: I say put the bat on the ball! All the strikeouts are slowing down the game. Singles and doubles put runners on base, adding tension to the game like a football team in the end zone. A home run might be a thrill, but it’s only momentary. More fun to see outfielders chasing the ball, baserunners running, and infielders covering bases, backing up the play, and getting into position to relay the ball.

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