Friday, March 10, 2017

Brady > Montana

Joe Montana had his best three seasons when he was 31, 32, and 33 years old. The past three years Tom Brady, at the age of 37, 38, and 39, surpassed Montana’s accomplishments.

..age….W-L..TD.INT.super bowl wins
31-33 35-09 094 33 2 Montana
37-39 42-10 117 27 2 Brady

Since 2009 the Patriots played 145 games. Brady started all but the four games he was suspended for.
Maybe GT will be able to recruit a scorer and a point guard for next year. Lammers is good, but I hate teams that have so many tweeners that have to play against forwards bigger than them. Some think they’ll face UGA in the first round of the NIT.

Several people in purchasing just got adjustable desks where they can either work standing up or sitting down. It would be healthier to have one, though I do like to lean on my elbow. The sales manager came out against the desks due to the costs, but that may prove to be a politically incorrect statement. Purchasing costs are spread out over the region, but sales costs only hit our particular office.

My back is better but still tender. If I move wrong it’s still painful. Made a ton of progress overnight. I’d better take it easy for a few more days.

Monday: C cooked shepherd’s pie. A once-a-year dish. Never figured out what the attraction was about the dish. C likes her meat and potatoes. Wheel, Jeopardy, The Voice.
A little 5’0” brunette named Alison won Jeopardy. Looked like a dark-haired Reese Witherspoon. A great Jeopardy player who does roller derby in her spare time: aka Daughter of Sam. She also performed at the Grand Old Opry. Interesting. Tuesday she had bad luck and lost. 

Worked until 6:20 Tuesday night, then stopped by Dollar Tree and the library on the way home. Started reading Grisham’s “The Whisperer.”

C cooked boneless BBQ chicken, green beans, English peas, and rice. Watched The Middle and The Voice. I took it easy (as usual).

On the way to our Wednesday night class I stopped by for a CFA sandwich. Quizzed our 78 year old teacher about his days as a NBA and ABA referee between 1965 – 1978. More on that later. Stopped by the library and was going to grab a Taco Bell, but the employees were closing the store shortly after 8 pm. I didn’t need it anyway.

Didn’t bring much to eat for Thursday lunch so I stopped by Wendy’s for a chicken sandwich. Then to Kroger for pizza sauce and other stuff. Huge delay in the checkout line I had chosen. Had to go back and get a basket to move my items to another line, so I dumped them out on the new conveyor belt. Not fun.

Anna and Josh had went up to see M at Whole Foods, then came back to make their pizza. Nice dinner. First meal with Josh, who ran cross country and played baseball at North Cobb. His family moved just south of Turner Field, so close he walked to games. Later they went back to Whole Foods for gelato and Redbox. They watched “The Accountant.” I watched some of the FSU/VT game. Coworker Eric was pumped.  

Friday: wore my black Nike golf sneakers, with the white bottoms. This morning when leaving home I noticed a light green patch in the yard, and walked over to see what it was. As usual I was careful to walk around the patches of dirt and step only the grass. The light green was just some moss, so I went back to the car. Didn’t think about it until I got to work and noticed mud all over my shoes.

W&MC are spending the night, so we’ll have a full house. After working on GT lists Thursday, on Friday I worked on a list of UGA QB’s.

Fun fact: The Middle’s Neil Flynn (Mike Heck) won on Celebrity Jeopardy and portrayed a policeman on Seinfeld, breaking up a cat-fight between Elaine and Rachel Welsh. He was also on Scrubs, but I never watched that.

Braves: yesterday coworker Chris got Saturday tickets. This morning he got a pair for Opening Night. He lives in Smyrna and might take Uber. Several bobblehead buddies are going opening night, and I’m sure Johnny Pierce will be there. Here at work GM Eric is going – he’s the one who went on the tour with me. I’m sure Opening Night I’ll be driving to SC for Easter. Might get to watch the Saturday game on TV. My first game might be Star Wars night in early May. I wonder if you’ll really need a special ticket to march in the parade. My mother is asking how much a Braves ticket costs. Hard to explain how it varies based on opponent and day of the week, and how many tickets you’re buying.

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