Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jeep Sweepstakes: 1st Place!

Came across an email with the picture of a red Jeep. Subject Line: "Our Jeep Sweepstakes: You are a First Place Winner." I remember entering the sweepstakes a week or two ago.

Before I got too excited, I scrolled down. I was one of ten winners of a year's supply of dog biscuits. Barney will be thrilled.
Wednesday's lunch meeting was sandwiches and salad from Jason's Deli. Left work at 4:55 and walked into the JFBC classroom at 5:59. Left just as the video was ending at 7:14. Made it in plenty of time for my 8 pm focus group. I hadn't eaten, but there were sub sandwiches while we waited. Then room was full of un-cool middle-aged men like me. No style. They started calling names, and half the guys went into the discussion group about politics. Typical politics - they'd brought in 16 people to fill eight spots. Eight of us got paid $100.00 (and dinner) just to show up.

I was home by 9 pm. Watched Blackish. Grandma made the kids eat their vegetables. Designated Survivor at ten. Real good. Then Cash Cab and some Jimmy Fallon. He had puppies predict the NCAA winner = Oregon.

Meeting this AM from 8 - 9 am. Rodney brought CFA biscuits and tater tots. Then I spent 45 minutes doing some crucial work, then Brad and I drove to the trade show in the Galleria. We both wore our Ryerson shirts, so we were popular targets at the show.
Ate lunch at Jocks & Jill's in the Galleria, at the foot of the unfinished pedestrian bridge across 285 to SunTrust Park (above). Their business is about to skyrocket. Hope they're ready. Burger was pretty good. Not small. The lunch menu at Jocks & Jill's was very limited. They handed us a heavy 8-1/2 x 11 white sheet of paper with selections typed on one side, kind of like a fancy restaurant.

Ceil was visiting Anna over in Athens this afternoon. After moving Anna in I've visited her maybe once. Guess I need to just take a trip on my own.

See the GT women win? My brother and sister in law went to the game down at Tech. I guess the women's NCAA final four is Friday night and Sunday.

Last day of the month tomorrow. They're bring in Mellow Mushroom pizza for lunch.

In the wake of the I-85 bridge collapse, this is the first call Governor Deal needs to make:

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