Monday, April 03, 2017

Brambleberry Crisp

The Mellow Mushroom pizza Friday was good. I tried to not overdo it. But like a few weeks ago I felt fine until about the time I was leaving. Left at 5:40 and headed to Birmingham, GA through downtown Alpharetta. Made great time but was feeling worse and worse. At 6:25 I met up for a big bobblehead sale – sold seven bobbles. Gotta be careful with so many to not forget anything when adding up all the numbers. Guess I did ok, considering there were no extra eBay, PayPal, or shipping fees.
Was feeling worse on my drive south through Crabapple toward Roswell. Stopped at Target, Chickfila, Publix, Dollar Tree, and finally Kroger for gas. Was after eight when I got home. Was listening to Jim Powell on the radio on the drive home, then turned on the Braves on the TV. C needed to go to the Avalon to take something back, which meant another hour in the car. She wasn’t feeling good either. 
After the game I watched the Braves preseason special. The AJC is finally reporting good news about the Braves and SunTrust Park. Lots of photos of the first game, as well as aerial photos of the new stadium. Sure don't look like the suburbs to me. Coworker Chris went and had a good time. Coworker Christine also scored nice tickets, but she rooted for the Yankees. She’s only lived in Atlanta for about 25 years or so. RA Dickey pitched well. Good guy, but I'm not a fan of the way he wears his uni so tight.
Saturday morning: cleaned upstairs. Hadn’t been done for three weeks. Later I attacked a huge pile of laundry. C worked downstairs. At 5:30 we left to meet M down at Superica on Krog Street. Traffic wasn’t bad. Downtown was of course much heavier than 75/285, slowing to 30 MPH. Weird that when 75 South merged with 85 at Pershing Point there was almost zero traffic coming in from 85. By then the Buford Connector had reopened, but the radio said Cheshire Bridge was jammed. When we go out C likes me to drive her CRV, but with the potential of traffic and parking I drove my little Civic. 
Krog Street was bustling, but the wait was shorter than expected. C and I shared fajitas. The chicken wasn’t quite as good as Pappasitos. It was so loud. M and C sat next to each other with me on the other side of the table. I couldn’t hear a thing they said.
Afterward we had Jeni's Ice Cream. C had salted caramel and brambleberry crisp (above). M had English toffee. I had brambleberry and peanut butter and chocolate. Jeni’s Ice Cream is good, perhaps the equal of Baskin-Robbins. But more expensive, if that's possible. Downtown traffic northbound slowed near Atlantic Station, but then sped up after that.
Saturday Will had his training meeting for his job at the Masters. He will be driving club members around the course. Sunday he arrived early and watched the Pitch, Chip, and Putt competition. He saw Condaliza Rice. Lou Holtz, and the Braves Terry McGuirk. Saw Bubba Watson chipping, with his wife. Will’s job takes him to Amen Corner. Yesterday Zach Johnson was teeing off on 12. Will was the only one there watching him.   
State Representative Judson Hill spoke in Sunday School. Seemed authentic and genuine. Kept the lesson focused on the Bible, with just a few parallels to politics and government. For years he’s led a Bible Study for state legislators down in the capitol building. Said he’d lost leadership positions, committee chairmanships, and had proposed bills killed because of the stands he’s taken. When asked how we could pray for him, Judson said for faith and obedience. He’d been a member of JFBC since before the sanctuary had been built.

The guest preacher was a former JFBC staff member: Rick Statham. It was the first time I had heard him preach. He too stuck to the Bible, preaching a pre-Easter Garden of Gethsideme sermon, mixing in several stories from his East Cobb childhood, call to the ministry, and days at Johnson Ferry. After one of his first years at Mercer he came home and told his mom he wanted to go into full time Christian ministry. It was the first time he and Kay prayed together, asking God to open a door. After praying they were still sitting in the kitchen when the phone rang: it was George Wright asking Rick to work with the JFBC youth that summer. While Rick was preaching he saw Margaret Bailey in the congregation, and mentioned her by name. After the service I chatted with Rick and Miriam down near the front. Miriam said they’d seen John and Barbara Adair in the first service. The Adairs are selling their house in Sandy Springs and moving into a condo. Julie is coming to town for spring break, but Miriam won’t be able to see her.
M had a friend spending a few days with us while his parents were out of town for spring break, so C cleaned and I folded laundry.
Sunday I did watch a little baseball: Yankees at Rays and Giants at Arizona. Bumgardner became the first pitcher in history to hit two home runs on opening day. He had a no hitter going into the sixth. When he lost the no no I changed the channel. C cooked chili for lunch and pancakes for dinner. I went to bed early.
M got two pair of Nike Air Force One’s: an all-white pair, and a pair with dollar bills on the side.

Anna had her sorority formal this weekend. Lots of pictures.
Sunday morning the JFBC crowd was light because of spring break. All the youth were on mission trips. There was a young couple in the row in front of us. Guy looked just like Josh Pastur. I looked up pictures of his wife and kids on my phone, but I wasn’t sure. When it was time to shake hands I walked down to the guy. He turned around and I was almost sure it wasn’t him. I was going to say “Hey! I’m David” so he would tell me his name, but I forgot. The guy was into the service, but I don’t think it was him.
Braves/Mets at 1 pm this afternoon. Sounds like O’Flaherty was O’Flopperty. Three walks, Sac Fly, and a 3 run double. Braves had runners on the corners but didn’t score. Guess they’ll go 161-1. You know Julio Tehran wasn’t gonna have a good year when he shows up at camp as the number one starter – and a new prima donna hairstyle. Guess they’re saving it for the home opener.
Gonna stay up for UNC/Gonzaga? I didn’t get my nap today. The games come on so late. I was rooting for UNC and Gonzaga. Also UConn in the women’s, but they lost. We were at Superica when SC lost to Gonzaga.
I can believe the previous GT coaches didn’t want Mark Price. They didn’t want a popular GT legend breathing down their necks.

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