Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Will's Excellent Adventure

Monday Will got to Augusta National early and followed Bubba Watson (above), Henrik Stenson, and an amateur from the University of Oklahoma. W met the amateur’s family and the Oklahoma golf team, who were in the gallery. Rain and lightning caused the course to be evacuated two times. W drove some members around, but didn’t recognize anyone. Later he valeted for the amateur dinner. Tonight he valets for the Champion’s Dinner. 
NCAA: I agree – people are ok with refs “letting them play” until the other team is the one getting away with the fouls. Better for the refs to be consistent throughout the game, cause at the end there’s gonna be some hacking going on.
M was working last night but his friend Frank ate spaghetti and meatballs and salad with me and C.

Nice inclusion of Passion City Church in the AJC article about businesses affected by the fire. I know PCC posted alternate routes on social media. Good quotes by good guy Brad Jones. Not sure what his official title is. Brad rarely preaches but does sometimes. Louie is the head guy, and does most all the preaching when he’s in town. Another guy who occasionally preaches is heading up the Cumberland/Galleria location. Another guy they like is moving to Washington DC to start a Passion Church there. For years Brad has been Louie’s right hand man, the man behind the scenes pulling everything together. He’s worked with the youth. His wife just gave birth to their second child. They live right down there close to the church, off Lindbergh somewhere.
I finished the Al Michaels book. He called 42 straight triple crown races. He co-owned a racehorse named Barack. Michaels was headed to the track the afternoon of the famous O.J. Simpson chase in the white Ford Bronco. Michaels was brought in to help cover the event. He missed seeing his horse win an amazing comeback race. Michaels knew OJ from the 84 Olympics. Later Michaels moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles and became a neighbor of OJ in the Brentwood neighborhood. They played tennis regularly, up to three times a week, on the court at OJ’s house. Later when OJ couldn’t play tennis anymore due to his bad knees, Michaels would still play on OJ’s court, often with OJ’s buddy Al Cowlings. Michaels also knew lawyer Robert Kardashian, and knew the Kardashian girls when they were kids.

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