Sunday, April 02, 2017

Traffic: Bad to Worse

Wild wild wild. Did you watch much I-85 coverage? On the way home I was listening to my Al Michaels book. Stopped at a store that sells TV’s, and they were all turned to the news. Got home and watched over an hour’s worth of coverage. C was driving back from Athens. I called and told her to take Pleasant Hill / Old Milton over to 400 to avoid 285. Also texted M to avoid downtown.
Hopefully that Buford Highway Connector will reopen soon, as well as 85 south. Last night 400 south was stopped at Lenox but this AM you can take the Captain Herb flyover to 85 north, or get off at Sydney Marcus. Hopefully Piedmont will reopen, or at least the on ramp to 85 South.
To a certain extent this will affect people getting to SPdL just cause Lindbergh and Peachtree will be jammed. Will be even rougher for Passion City Church.
It was cloudy on the way home. I didn’t notice the smoke cause of how cloudy it was. Drove past high spot in Alpharetta where you can see fireworks downtown, at Lenox, Stone Mountain, Roswell, and Alpharetta., but I didn’t know to look south for the smoke. Coworker Jonathan has a Monday AM flight out of Hartsfield. He lives up near the Mall of Georgia. Might be easier to fly out of Greenville.
Some blamed General Sherman. Perhaps Engineer of the year Wayne Price can solve the problem.
My #I85 tweets last night got more views than usual.
1. Great now Braves traffic to tonight’s Braves game is gonna be bad.
2. Governor Deal’s first call should be to Superman. Remember how he filled in for that broken train track?
3. Georgia DOT never saw the MASH episode where the Army placed the ammo dump next to the 4077th hospital.
4. Rumor: stranded motorists were rescued by Chipper Jones.
5. The AJC is reporting the Braves set the I-85 fire to divert attention away from potential SunTrust Park traffic problems.
6. Authorities believe the fire was fueled by years of pollen built up on materials stores under I-85.
Margaret Hurt still competes on Auburn’s equestrian team. Last week before the start of their meet Margaret sang the national anthem.
Well it was a good run for Tech. No shame in losing the NIT final in Pasner’s first year. TCU seemed to keep exposing and capitalizing on GT’s mistakes. Of course MC’s brother was proud. The old geezer in me says: Kids today practice dunks and three-pointers. Should practice lay-ups and foul shots. My pet peeve is when a short bunny shot is missed. Players don’t use the backboard when they should. More margin for error when you use the backboard on close shots, especially from an angle. Mark Price used to make a living as a shooting coach. Worked with the Hawks, with GT, and individual players. Rick Barry’s son Canyon was interviewed during the NCAA tourney. You could tell by what he said that he knew good fundamentals.  
For dinner I ate some Trader Joes gluten free soy corn dogs that had been in the freezer. Not bad, with lots of catsup and mustard.
Friday morning I slept late, so I got a late start. I take Holcomb Bridge all the way to Jimmy Carter, then make a left under the bridge to go north on Peachtree Industrial. Today there was a wreck backing up traffic, so I had to make a left where Holcomb Bridge turns in Peachtree Corners. Three. Long. Red. Lights.

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