Friday, April 07, 2017

In the Hood

Interesting thing happened this week. As you know we live on Heritage Trace Drive, in the Heritage Trace subdivision. On the other side of the neighborhood a street is named Heritage Trace View. The houses there have the same numbers as the houses on our street. We occasionally receive mail that should go to the lady who lives at 2210 Heritage Trace View. Her driveway is steep, and the mailman delivers the mail to a box near the front door. Once the lady hired a lawn care company, and they accidentally aerated and seeded our yard.     
Couple nights ago the doorbell rang. It was an EMT ambulance driver. Up at the street an ambulance was unloading the Heritage Trace View lady – they’d brought her home from the hospital to the wrong address! We told them where to go, and that was that. Or so we thought.
Last night the doorbell rang again. Our two little next-door neighbor boys were there, with flowers and cookies. They’d seen the ambulance and wanted to make sure everything was ok! The dad was there so we told them what happened.
Thursday: nothing much to report. Left work at six. Went to Moxie Burger for supper. Split a chicken sandwich and fries. Good. Back home for Jeopardy and the Masters and Chicago Med. Went to bed.

Braves: new this year: the A stickers on the batting helmets are “3D” – the latest uni craze among equipment managers. Several other teams are doing likewise. More and more teams are also going to matte-finish helmets. Not sure why. Cause everyone else is going it I guess. Travel teams love the matte helmets. At least camo jerseys are limited to the woeful Padres. And holidays. For now, anyway.
Who will Ryan Howard replace – a pitcher?
Cool that Lang got to interview Chipper. Jones must be in a good place in his life to be able to reveal so much in his book. Will you go to a book signing? I guess the lines will be long.
Will has tickets for the May 5th Braves game. Taking his buddy Joel for his birthday. You aren’t going to the UGA/Missouri game, are you? I’m not.
Looks like Gwinnett has a decent lineup this year. Last night was opening night. Albies, Camango, Rojas, Tuiasosapo, Ruiz, Walker, Lalli, Kubitza, Avery, Blair.

I’m reading a good John Feinstein book about life in the International League in 2012/2013. Profiles the careers of several managers, clubs, and veteran players on the rosters that year, and how they got to where they were at that point. Just a little about Gwinnett so far, but catcher JC Boscan and Gorkys Hernandez are highlighted.

Tim Tebow homered off the first pitch he saw last night. The next four times up  he struck out. That’ll probably be how Ryan Howard performs.  
Yesterday Will did see Nicklaus and Player tee off. Player might’ve been a tad longer but Jack hit his drive right down the middle. Tom Watson called it a tie. Not sure why everyone was pointing right when Jack hit his ball. Will also saw NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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