Monday, April 24, 2017

Life in the Fast Food Lane

Today is the 12th straight day I’ve eaten out. Gotta cut back. But doing the math, it only comes out to $124.00 for thirty meals for me and family. Hard to eat at home for that. Doesn’t include the year’s supply of dog biscuits I won. 
13th – Bojangles on the way to work (2/$4).
14th – Chickfila in Augusta ($20 for three)
15th – ate in Jefferson ($0)
16th – went out to eat in Augusta with W&MC ($48 for 5).
17th – Bojangles on the way to work (2/$4).
18th – business lunch and supper at the game (both free)
Wednesday: was getting a headache late in the afternoon. Should’ve taken something. Worked past 6:15. Something came up at the last minute. On the way home I stopped by the library and Dollar Tree and Taco Bell ($2). C cooked grits and eggs and ham and toast. Wasn’t feeling good so I didn’t play on my laptop as much as usual. Watched the Braves and The Middle and Blackish. Designated Survivor was on but I went to bed.
Thursday morning I didn’t feel like eating. Was a struggle to drive to work. Waited until I got to work to drink caffeine, which helped. Advil and caffeine (Diet Mountain Dew, not coffee). I had a lot to do so I worked past 6:40 Thursday night. Made it home in 35 minutes but C wanted me to drive her down to Lenox. Listened to the Braves game on the radio. Then we shared a combo platter at Jalisco ($13 with tip). Finally slept good: was dreaming and slept 20 minutes late.
Friday I ate out for all three meals. Stopped by Bojangles again on the way to work (2/$4). Thank goodness that special has ended. We had baked potatoes and salad for our lunch meeting, from Jason’s Deli.
After work we met Anna at the Avalon to swap out a shirt she’d gotten for Easter. Two of her girlfriends had gotten the same white shirt, so she traded her white for a blue. Avalon was packed. We ate pizza at Antico ($20 for three). Afterward I gassed up Anna’s Jeep for her trip back. On the way home I stopped by a thrift store, RaceTrac to gas up my Civic, and the bank. Was after 9 pm before I got home. M went to a prom out in Douglasville.
Saturday morning Ceil volunteered at the Refuge Coffee 5K race in Clarkston. Last year they had 300 participants. This year there were 800. Afterwards C went to Dekalb Farmers Market. I cleaned upstairs until 12:30 pm, then ate lunch and started laundry. Cleaned the kitchen. Got a haircut. Productive day. Saturday night we went to see La La Land at The Picture Show. Had the jumbo popcorn for supper ($13 for dinner and a show).
Sunday we went to the Cumberland campus of Passion City Church. They meet at the Waverly Hotel next to the Galleria in a large banquet hall. Probably 80-90% full. Afterwards we drove through the new Battery and past SunTrust Park. Since we were in the area we ate lunch at Pappasitos (gift card). The large strips of chicken in the fajitas are more tender than at fancier restaurants.
Came home and worked on my laptop. Caught up on emails and ordered my 2016 Christmas present: an Apple watch. Darned thing better get me in shape. Watched the Braves, Hallmark Channel, and Toy Story 1 and 2.
Today we have a lunch meeting. Wraps from Atlanta Bread Company. Saved leftovers for tomorrow – so make it 13 straight days!     
My case of dog biscuits arrived – 12 boxes, plus some other treats, a sticker, magnet, and Wag More cap.
Was Soros behind Bill O’Reily’s ouster at Fox News? For his part O’Reilly has been quiet, as far as I know, meaning the allegations are probably true. But silencing O’Reilley is a huge win for Soros, in his bid to destroy Fox News, and the United States, to eventually usher in a one world government. More and more I’m hearing people talk about global this and global that. Millennials are being brainwashed into thinking these are good things, when it’s actually paving another stepping stone closer to the coming of the anti-christ.

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