Sunday, April 23, 2017

Photos from the Week

Will and Mary-Clayton's official Easter photo.
After work Friday we met Anna at Avalon in Alpharetta. The place was packed, with everyone in their spring finery. With me in all black from work.
A super long line at the new Jeni's Ice Creams.
There's a wait to be cool.

Avalon Apple Store. Where birds come to die. Sorry I didn't do a better job cropping these photos. Nice view of the crosswalk.
Matthew made up this flyer for the Swim Moms house show Saturday night. Publication of this picture doesn't mean the Sac Fly Blog endorses Earth Day in any way.
Thursday evening attention grabber at Lenox Square. 
The year's supply of dog biscuits I won. Barney and Okie are thrilled.
Couldn't resist snatching this Yellow Submarine Hot Wheels.
Called it an Easter present for Matthew.

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