Thursday, October 04, 2007

Basketball Begins

Will had his first ever basketball practice last night. He has a lot to learn…I took a page of notes specific to his game on all areas. You could see him improve as the practice went on. The JV practices with the varsity, and it was nice to see the older boys take charge, lead, and encourage the younger ones. Will was excited that he blocked an older, bigger boy’s shot. Playing time isn’t guaranteed, so Will has to earn it. They ran them hard, so Will’s probably sore today.

The four youngest Normans were there. After stretching they started with full court layups. The second time down Willis threw down a dunk, just to start off the season. Little Charles lives for basketball, and shoe expert Joel arrived in street clothes so he could change into his gear.

I’ve mentioned the Hoffer boys in the past. John is the sophomore trying to walk-on the Tech varsity. I had seen 9th-grader DJ practice, and he’s a smooth, sharp-shooting perimeter player. I knew HS senior Ben as a servant-leader at Will’s Living Science school. On the court he’s the hard-playing team leader.

Will loves playing with his friends. Besides the Normans and Hoffers there are two other school buddies on the team, good kids.

True story: last weekend I hit a Rugged Warehouse sale, loading Will up on basketball gear. He walked off and came back with some of those tank-top T-shirts, wanting to wear them underneath his uni. Last night it was hot in the gym, and Will took off his nylon sleeveless tee and wore the tank, as did 3 or 4 other boys, including David Norman. Becky quietly turned to me and said, ”You know what they call those things!?” I didn’t, and it was funny that I heard it from her…wife beaters, of course.

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