Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I’d been mentioning the family that recently moved from Sandy Springs to Crabapple…the friend I played softball with in the 80’s, who host the Super Bowl party. Their two daughters dance in Kidstuf at Buckhead Church. Monday night their 6th-grader couldn’t sleep for the pain she was in. After some tests they admitted her to Scottish-Rite with leukemia. The parents were there at the hospital, and their 8th grade daughter was out at Living Science in Woodstock, and didn’t know yet.

Tuesday night Ceil and Becky went to the hospital while I kept Anna and Matthew at Will’s basketball practice, not far away in Sandy Springs. Yesterday Ceil took big sis from Living Science to the hospital. Little sis was just getting out of surgery…the spinal tap revealed the disease had yet to spread, so things are looking better…90% chance of full recovery. Matthew bought both girls a WebKins stuffed animal…with his own money.

Interesting meeting this morning regarding staffing for our office. The ogre had several unpopular ideas that other co-workers didn’t like, so there was heated discussion. I didn’t take sides, though VP CK nixed one of the changes. Monday the ogre and I will interview Maria, and perhaps she’ll start a week later. CK had me up high on the organizational chart he passed out, and said he planned on keeping me busy next year. Guess that’s good news, though it sounds like my travel has been moved up a month to Jan/Feb as opposed to Feb/March. Finally a little encouragement.

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