Monday, October 22, 2007

Wednesday: New Friends, Young & Old

I was the last driver to arrive, 15 minutes “late.” As the chaperones / drivers met, I met Lynn; a friend of Ceil’s who lives nearby. I figured out Tammy was the mother of Abby, who I’ve driven home before. Will’s English teacher Sandy was also going on the trip. Since they know Ceil, they were interested in getting to know me. Hopefully this will yield more carpools!

We still departed early, at 5:45 am. I didn’t know the four high schoolers in my first group. Lain rode shotgun and plays soccer, but is working on his football kicking. North of Macon the students switched, and Andrew, the slugging catcher, rode shotgun. Will and basketball marvel DJ rode the last leg of the trip.

The male chaperones were responsible for keeping the beverage coolers well stocked, which meant us Diet Coke devotes were never lacking at meals served without Cokes. It always takes a while for the chaperones to get to know each other, and which kids belong to whom. Bryan saw me speaking several times to dark-headed guitar-player Kyle, my young friend I’d chaperoned on two earlier expeditions…and asked if Kyle was my son.

Discovered junior servant leader MaryKathryn enjoyed jokes, so I tried to have one ready every time I saw her. She reminded me of Kelly Curran.

We arrived at our Tybee hotel in time for lunch on the ocean pier, then we drove over to tour the Tybee lighthouse and museum. The guide pointed out homes owned by John Mellencamp and Sandra Bulloch. While half the group toured, the other half worked on a science project on the nearby beach.

After supper popular teacher Andy spoke on Monarch butterflies…how a chubby six-eyed caterpillar enters his cocoon, turns into a yellow liquid, then into a skinny four-eyed butterfly with wing markings resembling predator eyes (to ward off enemies). Monarchs migrate thousands of miles over several generations, returning to the same area south of Mexico City…without brains. Andy’s point: Evolutionists don’t have an explanation for this.

Kyle and Willis & David Norman performed a short skit from “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” Mr. Cain, another popular teacher, leaned over to me and asked “Bring back memories?”

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