Monday, October 22, 2007

The Skit

Back at the hotel Mrs. Switzer and the girls huddled. David Norman was cast as the videographer. He came out and scouted about, finally calling back off-stage for the ladies to come out.

Out bounded Meg and MaryKathryn, wearing Sandy and Tammy’s hats. MK had her jeans rolled up to match Tammy’s. The crowd loved it, including Sandy and Tammy (and Abby-her mom was now famous!). Meg and MK spoke of shopping and the horrible mud, driving David more crazy than Sandy & Tammy ever could. Meg/Sandy bragged on one of her students…Meg, of course. Meg and MK sang ‘Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better’ and stumbled through somersaults. Then they called offstage “Mr. Murphy!”

Out came Kyle. When Kyle had been drafted to play me, he asked what costume he should wear. He couldn’t accept just dressing normal, so he put together his own outfit…white T-shirt with a large blue (duct-taped) “K” and a shiny cape. Kyle made his entrance and said “I am Krypto! Mud? I run marathons through mud! And water! And fire!” The girls pointed and asked “Is that a skirt you’re wearing?” Kyle stammered “It is a Kilt!” With that he performed a forward roll much better than mine. The skit was a huge success, a riot.

Afterwards Sandy and Tammy learned the skit was my idea, and I had some explaining to do.

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