Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Predictable "Gameplan"

Friday night we went to the East Cobb Park with our Small Group, and grilled out burgers and dogs. Will was at Living Science, serving at a 16-year old confirmation service of a friend of ours.

Saturday afternoon I caught the end of the Tech loss, some of the UGA loss, and most of the Clemson loss. We cleaned up the whole house, especially the downstairs. Matthew had a friend come over and spend the night, and Will cooked burgers. Sunday after church we went to Moes with Ceil’s parents.

I took the kids to see Gameplan, the sappy football/ballet movie with The Rock. I fell asleep during the early commercials/previews, but stayed awake during the movie. An older than ever looking Jim Gray and ESPNs John Clayton had small role, and both participated in the post-credits Elvis ‘Hunka Hunk Burnin’ Love sing-along (sorry if this was a spoiler). Interesting mix of Under Armor and Nike product placements, including a male ballet dancer wearing a black Under Armor shirt. Funny when the first thing the spoiled girlfriend/model says when the Mercedes Pacifica-like wagon drives up is “station wagon?” Also a big “BeJeweler” product placement. Predictable family entertainment…ballet for the girls, football for the dads.

Missed the Falcons drama, but saw some of the Yankee win. Last night we went to O’Charleys. Today Matthew is sick.

Looks like Glavine is our if we want him. Think he’ll take less than ten? Think he and JS already have something worked out?

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