Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Seems like Matthew thinks he doesn’t get enough attention, and resents traveling to Will’s games and Anna’s ballet. To a certain extent that’s true, though he gets lots of attention at home…when he’s not eating, doing schoolwork, completing chores, taking baths, and going to bed. So perhaps I need to make to Matthew’s Poetry Recital next Wednesday at lunch. He should do ok. Anna is the one that gets the least attention…she’s been doing a ton of schoolwork all by herself.

I mentioned my parents attending Will’s game but forgot the point…they told other parents how I write game recaps, so now they want me to copy them. During the varsity game second half I took notes, so I could recount the game chronologically, in detail. I may share my blog with Holt & Marykathryn’s parents…they’re much more into travel sports than me. Today is probably the last basketball game of the season for Will, though he could still practice a few more times with the varsity.

At Saturday’s game I sat at the scorer’s table keeping the books. Two guys from the opponents varsity kept the other official book and the clock, and did a good job…even called me sir. Another varsity player sat on the bench as the assistant coach…after his game I told him he played better than he coached (he dominated the game). I almost told the scorekeeper he’d make a good accountant (though it appeared he’d rather be a rap star).

Ceil read parts of Dungy’s book, that her mom had bought. We may still have it at the house…I need to read it. I’m almost halfway through Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book on Lincoln’s cabinet…exhaustive American history, but interesting. You forget about the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision, etc. Wish there was more about Lincoln and less about his Cabinet.

I saw all the Super Bowl scoring, seeing the two first quarter scoring drives, then watching most of the last quarter. Like you said, pretty good. Didn’t have strong feelings either way, but I do like Eli and Brady (and Peyton). Tried to remember to not change the channel during commercials. Matthew got to see the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl (IV or V, I forget which).

Interesting site from the Dec 17th SI… Deals with substantiated rumors and contract talk. Would be nice to have a similar baseball site…guess that’s Rowland’s Office, etc for the Braves. Also an interesting article on Rick Majerus. If you ever see an interesting SI article let me know, so I don’t miss it!

We discussed Andrew Dice Clay here at the office yesterday.

I’m getting more and more addicted to Wii golf.

We might not be a good IKEA family. One of our nice bookcases is out of square, and the drawers of a chest keep coming apart…guess we need better assemblers and wood glue.

Interesting that Staubach and Craig Morton share the same birthday (today)…considering at one point they were alternating on every play.

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