Monday, February 04, 2008

Flight Varsity Road loss

The Flight Boy’s Varsity knew they were in for a tough game against the athletic Sound Doctrine squad, but they scrapped the entire way. The entire team played well, keeping the score close in the first half and reducing a twenty point third-quarter deficit down to a close eight points late in the game.

Sound Doctrine game out and controlled the boards, blocking one of 6’8” Willis’ shots. Late in the first quarter Sound Doctrine’s best player leaped high for a majestic dunk, and hung on the rim to avoid falling on two defenders underneath him. Flight trailed 20 – 13 after the first quarter.

The referees were calling a close game, and both teams were in the double bonus for much of the second quarter. Flight was unable to cut into the lead, and at one point missed six straight foul shots. David had a strong drive to the basket for a lay-up. DJ had eleven points at the half, Josiah nine, Willis four, and Ben two…but Sound Doctrine led by nine, 38 – 29.

Walker played well in the third quarter, hitting a three to cut the lead to eight. He later drew a foul, but missed his two foul shots. Josiah battled for a tough rebound, drew a foul, and made his two shots. Ryan scored two baskets and grabbed a rebound. Gerald played perhaps his best game, grabbing two boards in the quarter, with one resulting in a putback basket. Later he drew an offensive foul.

The play got more furious late in the third quarter. After draining two three-pointers, a foul shot, and a basket, DJ capped a nice drive with a lay-up, cutting the lead to 63 – 47 with 1:47 left. Walker made a lay-up with 52 seconds left, then Josiah nailed a three-pointer with six seconds left seemed to create some Flight momentum. But not far across the half-court line, far away from the three-point line Walker committed an un-necessary foul on the lefty’s last-second desperation shot. Incredibly, the long shot banked in, and the lefty sank the foul shot for a four-point play, extending the lead to twenty.

Things didn’t look good as Flight broke the huddle for the fourth quarter. Ben had committed three fouls in the third quarter, and was called for his fifth just 58 seconds into the fourth. Walker passed inside to Willis for an assist and later drained two foul shots and grabbed a steal, but he too fouled out 55 seconds later. Walker finished with 7 points.

Despite the toll the fouls were creating, Flight cut into the lead, though Sound Doctrine had emptied their bench. DJ sank both foul shots with 5:30 left, then banked in a lay-up. Willis went up high for a rebound and put it quickly back into the basket. David caught a pass at the top of the key and turned to find an open path to the basket, so he drove in for another lay-up. Josiah missed a lay-up, but sank two foul shots and grabbed a steal.

DJ hit a long three with 2:40 left, but the deficit was still 14 points. He then drove in for a lay-up, but was called for a charge. Josiah drove the length of the court and drew a foul, hitting both free throws with 1:20 left…but he fouled out six seconds later. Josiah had 19 points.

Still, Flight hadn’t lost hope. Willis grabbed his third rebound of the quarter. Gerald collected three boards in a 26 second stretch, twice putting back quick lay-ups. In the fourth quarter Gerald had six rebounds. Then David hit a three-pointer with 15 seconds left. Flight had cut the twenty point deficit to seven points!

On the ensuing possession DJ committed his fifth foul. He had a game-high 30 points. Sound Doctrine broke away for a game-ending dunk, making the final score 91-80.

Rounding out the scoring, Willis had eight points, his brother David seven. Gerald had six and Ryan four points, all in the second half.

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