Friday, February 08, 2008


Will almost made it through the entire basketball season uninjured…I got him some of those ankle supports. Then Wednesday night in his last regular season game the point guard threw him a pass that Will wasn’t ready for…he barely got his hands up so the ball didn’t hit him in the face, but the pass sprained his hand, and it swelled up. I thought it was just his pinkie finger, and I wasn’t going to let him miss baseball practice because of that! But it was his entire hand…I think it’s better today. Today he’s going straight from baseball to basketball practice.

Talked to Matthew’s coach from last year today. They are drafting tonight, and two of the teams are being coached by good guys that Matthew likes. I will be able to help out with Matthew more this year, but it will be harder to get off early…so I won’t be an official coach. It has been nice the last few years to be able to get off early when needed, and I did so as much as I needed to. I knew the day would come when it would be harder. Still, I may take a long lunch next week to go hear Matthew in his Poetry Recital.

Will almost got on a baseball team that had a few games in Augusta. The one thing I thought was that the Millers could come to those games! They also had games in Alabama…Will would’ve missed too much school, and the practices and games would’ve been an hour away from home. I would’ve missed almost all the games, as they play on weekday afternoons.

I’m still enjoying writing those recaps…I have been busy here at work, but I try not to let that get in the way of the writeups! Another thing is that even when Will plays a lot, there may not be much to report. Last Saturday I didn’t have to be the scorekeeper of the varsity game, and I was able to take notes on the game so the recap could be more than stats. My parents came to that game and told some of the parents I wrote recaps…now they want the recaps sent to them!

Good that golf it starting up…we watched Pebble Beach last night on the Golf Channel. Will’s Flight basketball program also has a golf team that’s just starting.

Looks like it may work out that I can take off that 19th week. That sure works better than the week before!

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