Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cards and Cars

Ceil’s dad ran a small grocery in the middle of her hometown. It was always busy, especially since he had a meat department. As a child she’d go there after school and get a package of refrigerated cookie dough, and walk the mile home, eating it. As a single person, at the end of every visit home her dad made her take home a bunch of groceries. This continued after we were married, until he finally retired and sold the store. He didn’t mind me taking 5 – 6 packs of baseball cards, as well as candy to keep me awake during the drives back. I accumulated a bunch of 1990’s cards just from that.

Will and Matthew (and Anna) were never as interested as me. Will would sometimes dabble in the cards, but nothing serious. George Ewing gave Will his small collection of 1980’s cards. For the last few years Lang’s dad has sent three baseball and three basketball cards to us, every week. He buys boxes of packs, then opens a pack a day. Perhaps one day I’ll organize Will’s collection. He was never as careful with the cards as I would’ve liked.

As a kid we’d get a pack here or there. I have some of those old 60’s and 70’s cards, but supposedly my sister has more. My dad says she and her husband have a house full of old stuff like that, including my old Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.

DOB must be moving up in the world. I get the AJC sports email every morning, that usually includes a direct link to the columnists latest column. This week was the first time DOB was listed down with Bradley, etc. I see today Bradley is calling for Woodson’s head. Ever enter his final four fiasco? Funny that one year REM’s Mike Mills won…Just looked Mills up on Wikapedia (which I never use) and noticed that winning the Fiasco was listed as one of his accomplishments. He was a year older than me in Macon, but I don’t remember running across him. Wikapedia didn’t mention that he’s a big Braves fan. How’s that for a rambling paragraph?

Hadn’t heard about the Rays park, unless it was a long while ago. I never thought that dome was that bad on the inside…with such small crowds you were pretty close to the action. Looks ugly on the outside.

Last night I went to pick up Will at practice. I just parked and watched the end from my car, listening to my book on CD. I thought Will was in CF, then he moved to 2B. Noticed the kid at the plate was OK. Turned out it was Will hitting, not out in the field. Practice games start next week. Matthew had a practice game rained out today, with another one on Saturday. They’ve had hardly any BP, so all the players need lots more. I’m sure Tim, his old coach, is hitting a bunch more. His regular season starts a week from Saturday.

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