Monday, February 04, 2008

Stuff From Late Last Week

We didn’t get heavy into Pocahontas or Mulan, or that animated mermaid movie. We all enjoyed The Emperors New Groove, with David Spade, John Goodman, and that mechanic from Seinfeld. It was on Thursday night, and Matthew reminded me that the mechanic was actually in Underdog. Some celebrities make lots of animated movies, like Zellwinger and Ratzenburger. Sunday while talking about the Blues Brothers the animated movies came up again…James Belushi was in Underdog as well.

At the end of the year I was trying to redeem all my MyCokeRewards points, when they were ending on 1-31-08. I had noticed there weren’t many good prizes, so I figured I’d better jump on what was left. Got those adidas sunglasses, which were nice, but not great for me…Ceil has been wearing them. Nice case. Just as I cashed in 350 points on a Sports Illustrated subscription, I noticed they had extended the program. The SI extension worked out well, I’m considering doing that again. I have just gotten to the point where there’s not too many caps lying around any more. They blocked the site here at work.

Sometimes traffic can jam up pretty good in the Dunwoody/Perimeter area.

Young Charles is playing Mt. Paran baseball for the first time, but he should do just fine. Older David is also playing baseball for the first time in a while, playing with the other Flight basketball players, the team Will wants to play on. They practiced again last Thursday night.

I know that sometimes during things like computer conversions you’ve just got to roll up your sleeves and put the time in. I found out it our IT department here in Norcross that requested the delay. It actually might work out ok for our family…as the kids are getting older, the SC cousins are into different things. All the families that usually go to the beach in July are now having scheduling difficulties. Ceil likes to go to honor her parents. Ceil’s mom was still concerned about the Christmas Day incident, knowing that Matthew was provoked by his cousins.

They do take me to the limit. Ceil’s two cousins were like brothers, growing up right next door. They are all-right and fun to be with, as are their wives. Everyone has their own condo (we’re in a 3-bedroom condo with Ceil’s parents), but there’s a lot of visiting. Ceil’s brother and sister-in-law stay mostly in their condo (to his parent’s chagrin). Their kids stay over too late, then in the morning slam the door coming in, waking our kids. Ceil’s dad does all the cooking and keeps the fridge well stocked, so the eating is good. I hang out down at the beach most of the time, and keep Matthew busy, since there’s not a male cousin his age. Perhaps a solution would be to let him take a friend from Atlanta.

We need to have a garage sale ourselves.

Lang’s dad’s church choir sang at the quarterly multi-racial Baptist gathering last night, attended by 10,000. Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter were in the front row. See John Edwards kicked back at the UNC/BC game Thursday night?

We didn’t see as many Mexican places in SF, but we may have been looking in the wrong places.

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