Monday, February 04, 2008

Flight Confidential

Driving a van full of players to a game two hours away provided an inside glimpse into the team, unlike I had before.

Top story: Kevin plays much older and taller than his 8th-grade frame should allow, battling hard inside for rebounds and putback points. Not only is he a solid contributor for the JVs, but he also dresses out for the Varsity. On the drive down he let his teammates in on a secret: “You know the famous statue, Michelangelo’s David, supposedly the model for the perfect male physique? I look just like that statue…I even have a balloon butt, and the statue even has my big nose!” I’ll trust Kevin on that one.

Jonathan’s dad noted his in-line skating son had put in 350 training laps Friday night. I asked him about the recent Sports Illustrated article on the speed skating teen whose father had injected with HGH and steroids. Mr. Blair knew the kid, had noted the changes in his physique, and thought he would’ve been successful without the “help.” Mr. Blair had emailed the boy after his dad’s trial, offering help and support.

Jonathan has had much success competed against older, world-class skaters. He recently finished seventh overall in a 26 mile skate down in Tampa. The first six finishers were older, top-ranked skaters.

We found out why Josh arrived late to the game. He recently obtained his learner’s permit, and drove to the game himself. We passed him on the way home, safely observing the speed limit.

Will’s grandparents drove over from Macon to see their first Flight game, and must have been quite the social butterflies in the crowd. Grandmother discovered she went to the same high school as Carol’s mom and aunt, and Grandfather worked at Proctor & Gamble with Maryalice.

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