Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Since Anna and Matthew now go to class on Wednesdays, they got to participate in a class valentine swap for the first time. About a week before I had taken Matthew to Kroger to buy a pack. As with most things like this, he treasured the box and carried it around everywhere. One day I saw it on his bed, the top bunk...which often serves as his space/headquarters/desk. A few days later they were nowhere to be found. Anna let him use some of hers. Last weekend Will and I cleaned out under his lower bunk…and found the valentines.

Will had a better attitude yesterday about his baseball team, and attended BP. With Anna and Matthew both having Monday afternoon activities, he didn’t want to burden Ceil with another place to go (his usual ride, the older Norman boys, are out of town. Whether he’s the youngest on a team or the leader, he still needs to put a much greater emphasis on practicing hard. When he was playing rec ball I’d always tell him practice would become more important when he got older. The high school team has 16 players…it’s not like he’s the only one who can play key positions. He needs to show the coach he wants to play. They have him at 2B and CF, and even have him pitching some. His travel team is the same as last year…he’ll be a main pitcher, catcher, and shortstop. Will does say he could play some centerfield, as they have more good infielders.

I've been reading the Braves reports, but nothing big has jumped out yet.

Supposedly at Browns Bridge a fire alarm went off one crowded Sunday morning, and the result was more panic than one might have expected.

Most days I have to track down the mail and put it in a safe, undisturbed place…after immediately throwing away junk mail.

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