Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday we all took Will to basketball, then battled traffic to Lenox and back to the Sandy Springs Harrys. We got back to practice early. The team was divided into 3 teams…

…the starting five (Ben, Willis, DJ, Ryan, Josiah).

…the next best (Walker, Conner, Kevin, Josh, David)

…the last five (Will, Holt, Isaac, Joel, Max).

The two best teams played hard, and team 2 won the first 5 minute scrimmage. Then they blew out Will’s team, who didn’t play as seriously. After practice I had to point out to Will how the difference in effort was obvious to those watching. Tonight the Varsity plays up 575 on Sixes Road, and the JV is dressing out since the opponent’s pretty easy, but I doubt I’ll make the drive.

Saturday I worked around the house. Matthew’s new Coach Tracy called…the father of Will’s speedy teammate Jake, whose house burned down last year. Matthew was happy, particularly because John Fulton’s sister is on the team. Saturday afternoon I pitched Matthew a bucketful of tennis balls, throwing them pretty hard. He hit all but the very worst pitches, though he was using a tennis racket. Practice will be a challenge, as usual.

Saturday night Ceil and I visited Cumberland Mall for the first time in years…Ceil had heard about a cheap clothing store. I didn’t realize they had put in a bunch of nice restaurants and valet parking…PF Chang, Ted’s, Cheesecake, etc….or that there was a Costco there. Besides that, seemed like the mall had gone downhill. Then we drove down Northside and ate at the OK CafĂ©, then continued on Northside all the way down to IKEA. Ceil wanted some small rugs, and I remembered your IKEA rug comment. Saw our just-divorced neighbor buying new household items with a new girlfriend.

Sunday Ceil and Will went to the Avenue early in the afternoon. Didn’t do much yesterday…watched You’ve Got Mail, America’s Home Makeover, and Pride & Prejudice. Only then I remembered I needed to organize tax stuff and do some other things.

LOST seems good, but I didn’t get in on the beginning. I read where the Regular Guys were back, along with Southside Steve, but I forgot to note what station they were on…what is it? 100.5, I think.

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