Friday, February 15, 2008


Quick word on vacations…without this SAP conversion, I can work on a family trip to Florida when Will has his June tourney.

Ceil’s friend that was here last night lives in VA, but we didn’t discuss whether we’d visit them in early August, or if they’re coming for the Peachtree Road Race. He travels a lot and racks up airline and hotel points…just got back from two SF trips. Their oldest daughter is about to go to college, so they decided to take one last big family vacation this year. In year’s past they went to Europe and Greece, and want to go to SF, but this year only had points to fly to Tampa for a mid-July cruise, which may rule out an Atlanta trip. Their 2 oldest kids wanted to go on a church trip to Germany, but it was too expensive. The dad used to be an accountant.

Seemed like Petite wanted to stay out of trouble…I agree, he didn’t want to lie like the 2 others. Funny about Clemens wife taking HGH before the swimsuit shoot.

My boss was trying to appease frustrated employees. Perhaps he’ll be making time for more one on one talks with me. I didn’t quite make all my new points, but I made a few. When the Ogre got the SAP news, he started a conga line in his office.

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