Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Georgia History: Eli Whitney

Saturday we went over to play board games with a family from our small group. In the game you had to make up the answers and try to fool the other players. Ceil said this man invented the cotton gin. I knew that was Eli Whitney, from Georgia history, but I wasn’t going to say anything. But the 12-year old girl also knew, as did the grandmother, and they blurted it out. Today Matthew’s history lesson was on Eli Whitney.

They gave us two HUGE bags of boy’s clothes, from a neighbor of theirs. Matthew loves jeans, and there were 7 pair of Levis, plus some cords and Gap, old navy, and Nike shirts, cowboy boots, Pirates of the Caribbean PJs, and Spiderman boots for the creek. The neighbor boy took a bunch of clothes, and we still have a bunch left over to give away. The temp working with me might can use them. Matthew is the one family member who doesn’t need clothes, since we have tons on hand-me-downs from Will.

Got Will’s high school team’s schedule this weekend…he’ll be playing a lot of baseball this spring. Thursday he plays in Winder. Today he has class from 11 to 2:25, practice from 3:30 – 5:30, leadership training from 5 – 7, a basketball banquet from 6 – 9, and a practice game from 8 – 9:30. He’s missing the Leadership and practice game.

Yesterday Will was involved in a home run derby. He only got four swings, and failed to homer. His teammate Audie hit one. They were on a small field, but Audie’s almost cleared a second fence as well. Will popped up three, but at least he was patient and waited for good pitches…probably from watching the MLB HR derby.

Saturday Matthew enjoyed the baserunning drills. We need to work on his catching. He likes his tiny old glove, and needs to use the bigger one we have for him. He‘s not bad on grounders, but not good on throws or fly balls. The whole team needs to hit more. First game is late Saturday afternoon.

Our temp who’s taking the place of the girl going back to the credit department is supposedly doing well. My temp has done well, but she’s also had to help with the stainless bus people. There’s plenty she can help me with. Today Brad, a longtime quality guy, told us he’s now officially on our team, as a pricing specialist, same as Sue and Matt. We had that position open for a while, and since everyone’s been so busy, our new boss is filling slots. Damon is in Alabama at the customer for a few days. This means we have two more people than we have desks…perhaps I’ll volunteer to move somewhere else.

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