Friday, February 15, 2008

I May Have a Life After All!

Wild development…they have suspended the South Region’s conversion to SAP for the time being. This means I will have a life this year. Hopefully this week I’ve been able to communicate to my boss what’s going on with my position, and how the lack of leadership in the Textron group has created several layers of problems, not just the ones related to the customer and suppliers. The Stainless Bus group has also been trying to get through to the boss with their frustrations and needs.

I stumbled into a long conversation with my boss late Thursday, and I was able to detail many issues. He had said he wanted to talk last Friday, but hadn’t had the time to get back with me. In the meantime I was able to sort out my thoughts on paper. I wasn’t carrying the printout, but it was all clear in my head. No SAP could change things, however. Next week we could have another round of talks (had one after I typed this).

This situation has to do not only with the exponential increase in business, but also several lingering problems that hadn’t been dealt with…several of which deal with personnel matters. We lost three people last year and only added one point five.

What will happen with Clemens? Sounds like he wasn’t very convincing. Think history will now regard Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz higher?

Weekend plans? Tonight Matthew has practice, then there’s small group.

Saturday is busy…Will has baseball from 11 – 1, Matthew from 3 – 4:40. Will’s basketball championship game is at 5:30.

How did valentines day come off for you? I got a 12-pack of Diet Coke. I almost took Anna out, since Ceil’s friend was here…but Matthew was acting up, so we stayed home. Yesterday Anna got dumped at ballet hours early so Ceil could go to the airport. Will bummed a ride to the Varsity tourney games last night.

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