Friday, February 08, 2008

Quoted in Uni-Watch Lead Article!

Wednesday the Uni-Watch blog read had a write-up on Punt, Pass, & Kick. He had asked for input a few weeks ago, and I wrote in. I was one of about six guys that were quoted…I came off sounding like a goober, but it was what I wrote. I’ll have to tell Lang. Uni-Watch also mentioned that on Feb 29 the GT women’s team was wearing 1979 throwbacks. The old photo they ran was of a girl that was in my classes.

Busy at work, and everyone’s sick at home…Anna went to the doctor yesterday and missed ballet. Tonight Will has baseball and basketball practice, tomorrow just baseball. Matthew starts next week.

See where Chipper was on the AJC blog? I read it…big thing to me was that the Braves will wear blue jerseys next year. Lots of people were gushing over Chipper and asking questions, but one guy was still a jerk.

Tech is finally making a move in basketball. Saw Shaq on the cover of a Diabetes magazine at Kroger.

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