Friday, December 02, 2011

Bob Barker

I had an interesting evening Thursday. Worked a little late, then stopped by and shopped on the way home.

A hilarious “How I Met Your Mother” had Neil Patrick Harris going on “The Price is Right” because his mother told him that Bob Barker was his father. Harris aced the show, guessing every price to the dollar, winning both showcases. He’d run over to the camera and make faces, like a football player.

Met Will at “Land of a Thousand Hills” Coffee for Trivia Night. After his classes from 7 am to noon, he and George Ewing mowed seven yards in five hours. Then he fell asleep in the parking lot.

When trivia finally ended after 9 pm, we drove to CiCi’s Pizza for their special $2.00 buffet. Even at that late hour, the place was packed. Will must’ve been hungry from his long day, because he ate a lot. When we got home we watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

J Edgar looks good, especially since I’ve read a book or two about him.

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