Thursday, December 08, 2011


Not long ago co-worker Steve celebrated his 20th work anniversary. His boss made a decent speech, telling how years ago he’d hired him down in Jacksonville. When his corporate quality job went away, his boss thought enough of him to bring him back on his purchasing staff, even though he didn’t have an open position. Over the years we’d played fantasy football together, and occasionally lunched together. At the celebration an anticlimactic air hung over the room, for some unknown reason. At one recent lunch Steve shared his dismay that the good old days were gone, when the office was filled with employees with decades of service. This week he gave notice: he’s going to work for a vendor. Hope it works out well for him.

Ceil’s dad is still in the hospital. Wednesday night Ceil’s mother fell ill, and they had to admit her. Gallstones. Ceil may need to go back.

Johnny Pierce, my Braves batting practice friend from Macon who writes for a Baptist publication, is having a recent article admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Though its doubtful the article will ever be displayed, its still a huge honor for a big fan like him. His basement is pretty much a smaller version of the HOF.

Bought a Philadelphia 76ers Dr. J jersey Wednesday night. Will loved it. This past weekend I saw several throwbacks for sale over near the Big Chicken, but they were priced too high. There was a Chicago White Sox Frank Thomas jersey, and a lime green Pete Maravich Hawks jersey. I have long coveted that Maravich jersey, but I just couldn’t fork over the money for it.

A and M like the HP movies. I’ve watched bits and pieces, just enough to tolerate it. Not my genre. Neither was Avatar. Recently they rented Transformers…robots fighting each other. I couldn’t tell the good guy robots from the bad guy robots. Most of the comedies are so crude, and not really funny. I’m hearing good things about Super 8, which recently came out on video. Kids battle aliens. By Spielberg.

My iPhone is fully operational, except it transferred over the contacts from my work computer, which I rarely use. Had to go through and clean those up, and transfer any of the 200 contacts from my old phone. I’ll do a letter a day…today was C. When I tried to update my contacts I wound up duplicating them.

On the way home from work Tuesday I bought a protective case for the phone. Also swung by the library and WalMart. When I walked in the door Will exclaimed “The iPhone is home!” The kids all fight over playing with it, even though they have phones/iPods/iPads. Will downloaded a few apps, and Anna tried to fix the cover that Will had messed up. I’m still looking forward to downloading books on it.

Tuesday night we had spaghetti, spinach, and grilled squash. Everyone had schoolwork, so I cleaned up and edited Anna’s paper.


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Is your iPhone a 4 or 4S?

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