Sunday, December 18, 2011


After attending the 9 am service at NP, we drove downtown to play golf at Chandler Park. We hadn’t been there in several years. With a cloudless sky, the crisp sunshine made for a great day.

Arriving just after eleven, we feared encountering a crowd. But the lone car belonged to the cashier, who spend a great deal of time on the putting green. For the first seven holes we had the course to ourselves…so we took plenty of mulligans. I needed them.

1. Poor drives. Great approach. Sweet chip. I didn’t putt well all day. Both: double bogies.

2. Will: two poor drives. My first drive was great, but short. While Will looked for his ball, I completely flubbed several chips. Finally popped a nice one close. Both: double.

3. Wonderful drive hit close, and rolled to the fringe. W: double. D: bogie.

4. Nice drive, though it landed past the green. Again my chipping escaped me. Both: bogies.

Discovered the vast open area between 4 and 5 had been transformed into a natural wetland and lake.

5. Great drive, just short of the green. OK lag putt. Both: bogies.

6. Good straight drive that just missed traversing the long wetland. Had I known, I might’ve aimed right. Around this time my game left me. Will had his “best drive ever” at Chandler Park, and hit two decent approaches just off the green. W: par. D: triple.

7. Hit a couple of decent approach shots, and a nice chip. W: double. D: triple.

8. OK drive. Will’s drive wound up within putting range. I flubbed my approach, but it still wound up rolling all the way downhill…to within 15 feet of the hole. Will just missed his eagle putt. W: birdie. D: par.

9. Will hit another good drive just off the green, but he missed his par putt. Another flubbed approach rolled close to the green, and my long putt rolled close. W: bogie. D: double.

Will: 41
Me: 46

It was 1 pm when we drove away, giving us plenty of time to eat at the Vortex. It was our first time. The staff looked Little Five, but the patrons looked normal. Perhaps we should’ve split a humongo burger, but the regular-sized burgers were great. My tater tots were plenty, and perfect. Will’s fries were hot, but not very crispy or tasty.

When I walked out I ran right into Rich Morris. We immediately recognized each other, and had a nice chat. Walking away, I reminded Will that Rich had visited us at Piedmont when he was born. Before heading home we browsed a few stores.

Stopped for gas on the way home. Will blew the drive, showered, went to PCC, and then to a Christmas party.

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