Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who's The Best?

SLAM ran a special issue on Who's The Best. In addition to the magazine’s picks, I’ve added my pick, along with Reid’s…

Magic Johnson vs. LeBron James...Magic won more championships. LeBron is more talented. Reid: Magic. SLAM - Magic

Isiah Thomas vs. Chris PaulIsiah won more championships, but Chris Paul is LOADS more talented. Reid: Paul. SLAM-Thomas

Kareem Abdul-Jabar vs. Hakeem Olajuwon…Kareem: more results (points/rebounds), and championships. Reid: Olajuwon. SLAM - Jabbar.

Larry Bird vs. Dick Nowitzki…Larry…greater will to win. Played through injuries, won more championships. Reid: Bird. SLAM-Bird

Elgin Baylor vs. Julius Erving…Dr J. Baylor had a better supporting cast. Reid: Erving. SLAM-Erving.

Patrick Ewing vs. Yao MingEwing was a more complete player, played longer, won more. Reid: Ewing. SLAM - Ewing

Wilt Chamberlain vs. Shaquille O'Neal…Wilt had less competition. Neither was a good foul shooter. Tough call. I’ll say Shaq. Reid: Wilt. SLAM – Wilt.

John Stockton vs. Deron WilliamsStockton did it over the long haul. Can Deron? Reid: Stockton. SLAMStockton.

Oscar Robinson vs. Jason Kidd…Kidd has played long enough to make this comparison valid. The Big O had more results. Reid: Robertson. SLAM-Robertson.

Bill Russell vs. Dwight Howard…based on championships, it’s Russell. Dwight has more talent & potential. Reid: Russell. SLAMRussell.

Karl Malone vs. Amare StoudemireMalone, based on results and longevity. Reid: Malone. SLAM – Stoudimire.

Jerry West vs. Dwayne Wade…this one may be closer than it looks on the surface. Both had help to win championships. I still pick West. Reid: West. SLAMWest.

Allen Iverson vs. Derrick Rose…Rose. The talent level is close, and Iverson’s attitude could bring down the team. Reid: Rose. SLAMRose.

Scottie Pippen vs. Kevin Durant…Scottie is one of the all-time greats, but he faltered without MJ. One day soon Durant could be ranked up there with MJ, even above LeBron. Reid: Pipp. SLAMPipp.

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant…close, perhaps. MJ was better at elevating his teammates. Kobe tries to do it all himself. Reid: Jordan. SLAMJordan.

'86 Celtics vs. '00 LakersBoston’s team play outduels the Shaq/Kobe combo. Reid: 86Celtics. SLAM - 86Celtics.

'89 Pistons vs. '03 SpursSpurs rise above Detroit’s physical play. Reid: 89Pistons. SLAM - 89Pistons.

'65 Celtics vs. '83 Sixers…Philly is too athletic for Russell and Havlicek. Reid: 65Celtics. SLAM - 83Sixers.

'70 Knicks vs. '87 Lakers…LA overwhelms Willis Reed & Co. Reid: LA. SLAMLA.

'72 Lakers vs. '96 Bulls…MJ & Scottie too athletic for LA. Reid: Bulls. SLAMBulls.

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