Thursday, December 01, 2011

BCS: Rematch?

The Great Debate: Who gets in the BCS National Championship game? Looks like the voters want a rematch. Others point out that just a few years ago these same voters did not want a rematch, and UGA missed out on the big game. Me? I’m in favor of a rematch. I like Bama and LSU better than OK State. Stanford and Virginia Tech are OK, though they lost to lesser teams.

Guy here at work was arguing about the BCS this morning. He doesn’t like Alabama, so he was taking the opposite position. I’m sure if GT was in Bama’s position, he’d take the opposite position.

1. LSU: Seven top 25 wins. Twelve straight wins. With that body of work, should they still go to the BCS championship game even if they lose? Or rematch LSU & Bama in another bowl game. But since the BCS only matches the top two teams from their poll, the only was they get that rematch is if it’s in the title game. After that the bowls slot teams by conference (ACC to Orange, etc). Then leftover BCS teams are “drafted” to fill the holes.

2. Bama: Barely lost to #1 LSU. Three top 25 wins, including #8 Arkansas.

3. OK State: Lost their last game to unranked Iowa St. Their defense gave up in overtime. Three top 25 wins. Even beating #10 Oklahoma wouldn’t leapfrog Alabama, it seems.

4. Stanford: Lost to # 6 Oregon, missed their own conference championship game. Three top 25 wins. So the Cardinal goes to the Rose Bowl INSTEAD of the Pac 12 champion?

5. Va Tech: Have won 7 straight after losing to #12 Clemson (can avenge that loss Saturday). Only two top 25 wins. No chance at the title game, even if LSU and OK State lose.

M had basketball practice Monday night. Now there are ten on their team, with a couple of guys who can handle the ball and score. M did ok.

Went to a focus group Tuesday night, for Carnival Cruise Line. Usually there are about ten people in a group, but last night there were over 50 in the room. Watched several commercials, as well as bits of the show Modern Family. Funny commercials, about how the cruise was better than the last vacation people took.

The commercial they showed for Norwegian made them look like a party boat. Carnival appeared to be trying to hook the non-partier families, who hadn’t been thrilled with their earlier, non-cruise vacations.

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