Thursday, December 01, 2011

Catching Up

Looks like I’ll be joining the masses: I’m pretty sure I’m getting an iPhone. My company wants to switch everyone to AT&T, and my Sprint contract had expired. Last time they didn’t give me work email on my phone, which was good (one less way for them to give me work during off-hours) and bad (made checking email inconvenient). So my low-tech phone wasn’t cool.

The monthly iPhone bill is twice that of the cheaper phone, so I doubted I’d be approved. But the Ogre was ok with it, and I didn’t hurt that the CFO used to be in my fantasy league. Could have it next week. Merry Christmas to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to download books, both to read and listen to.

This year I’ve really started to appreciate the TV specials and ads that include Christmas songs about Jesus’ birth. There were several last night on the Rock Center Tree Lighting Special. Singers included Carole King, Neil Diamond, Katherine McPhee, and Justin Bieber. Guess who Anna wanted to see?

Still not much going on. C, A, and M left for SC. Ceil’s dad is having back surgery Friday.

Tonight I’ll probably go to trivia night with Will. Last night we watched Modern Family and Psych. This weekend I’ll stick close to home and clean and watch football. If I’m really good I’ll put up the Christmas tree and start my eBay career.

The Heaven Is For Real book is really good…I’m about 75% done with it. Looking for books to send to Chase has got me wanting to read/re-read several of them first.

I often count the number of people at gatherings. Thursday we had 11 for dinner in Macon…two short (my brother’s college kids).

Wednesday night we had grilled boneless chicken, leafy salad, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a vegetable medley. None were my favorites, except for the chicken. I had a little sweet potato and salad. Then I brought the chicken, sweet potatoes, and medley for lunch today, and it was all pretty good. Might grab a Chickfila on the way home.

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