Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Thursday night I left work shortly after 5 pm, but traffic was gridlocked in Roswell. I circled around the Centennial High Kroger, where traffic was worse. Everyone in the right turn lane was going straight, passing the hesitant drivers in front of me. No Christmas spirit at all. Pouring down rain when I stopped at the stinky Kroger and El Porton. Took five minutes to change clothes, then drove the mile to our small group party. That total commute took two hours.

We watched the Las Vegas Bowl at the party. Will drove back from Cartersville to attend. Ham, turkey, mac & cheese, cheesecake, and lots of fixins. A buddy told the joke of the guy who didn’t get into heaven because he loved money: he even married a girl named Penny.

Friday we woke up, packed, and left for SC around nine. Went up 85 so Will could shop the Nike Stores for shoes. Neither the Commerce and Gaffney outlets had what he wanted. Ate at the Cook Out in crowded downtown Gaffney: BBQ sandwich (with slaw), rings, chicken quesadilla, and cherry cobbler shake. Arrived in Jefferson around 5:30.

Saturday I went grocery shopping with Ceil, and visited her aunt and cousin. Her cousin was distributing $60.00 worth of chocolates and other sweets into everyone’s stockings. He said he loved that stuff. Then he introduced us to his new girlfriend…named Candy. When we left, I had to call my friend to tell him.

The kids went over to Uncle Lennie’s to mess around. Will and Anna wanted to shoot his pistols, but they couldn’t without me or Ceil there. Will hit golf balls on his backyard driving range. Saturday night we had chili.

Sunday we had turkey, ham, chicken salad, shrimp, salsa, artichoke dip, spinach dip, pimento cheese, tossed salad, and two congealed salads (cherry and lime). Desserts included apple pie, ice cream, ambrosia, coconut pie, chocolate cake, brownies, and pecan pie. We had at least 23 for the late lunch. I hardly ate any supper.

Monday morning I packed up my stuff, and as much Christmas stuff as possible. Did some laundry, and organized everyone else’s stuff. Will went over to Lennie’s to shoot. Anna played with her cousins, and C and M went shopping in Charlotte. I left Jefferson around 1:30, and arrived back in East Cobb at six.

Plenty to do here at work this week. It took over two hours for Thomas to removes the virus from my laptop this morning. Ceil was sick most of last week, and W and A aren’t 100%.

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