Monday, December 12, 2011

Trivia Night # 3

Will and I arrived at Land of a Thousand Hills close to the starting time this past Thursday to find the place packed: there were a record ten teams competing. Soon thereafter the front door opened, and in walked Joel…followed by Becky, Charles, and Willis. Surely this week we would have a competitive team. We at least had to beat “The Foxy Four”…a team of young Pope High coeds.

1. Which star of Grease had a career revival with the movie Pulp Fiction? This one I knew right off the bat: John Travolta. Five points.

2. Narcolepsy is a sudden attack of? Joel immediately knew this answerSLEEP. He remembered the YouTube videos of goats. Three points.

3. In British slang, what does “knackered” mean? During our discussion, Willis thought it meant “tired.” He was OK with my answer: Drunk. Willis was right. Zero points.

4. What instrument of torture had a hinged instrument of spikes? We really didn’t know the names of many torture devises, except “cat’o nine tails.” I remembered the joke from the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and suggested Iron Maiden…and was right! Alas, we’d only wagered one point.

5. On Sunscreen, what does SPF stand for? I thought Becky’s incorrect answer was submitted, but somehow we were credited with five points. Sun Protection Factor (not Skin).

6. In what city did Jim Morrison die? I knew it was in Europe, so we guessed London. It was PARIS.

7. In what country are the most divers attacked by sharks? We used Willis’ answer: Australia. During our discussion I wondered if the obvious answer was correct. I was…the USA was the correct answer.

8. Coffee is the second most traded commodity. What is the first? Joel thought it was Rice. Wrong! it was OIL. Afterwards Becky said that was her answer.

9. What Georgia college has the world’s largest campus? Willis’ face brightened. “Bryan!” he exclaimed. Joel and I knew what he meant: BERRY. Five points. After getting 4 of the first 5 correct, we missed three of the next four. Amazingly, we finished the first half in second place.

Halftime Question: Name the capitals…

...SpainMadrid (right)

...TurkeyAnkara (we said Istanbul)

...PeruLima (right)

...IndiaNew Delhi (we said Bombay)

...KenyaNairobi (right)

10. Which month’s birthstone is Opal? We tried to eliminate as many months as we could, but we didn’t guess OCTOBER.

11. The Fresh Prince of Bellaire: what was his butler’s name? Will and Joel both knew: JEFFREY. Six points.

12. What year was the Nintendo Wii introduced? 2006. Our guess was one year off.

13. What was the first US city to operate a subway? We narrowed it down to New York and Washington. During the discussion, I wondered if it could be Boston. We answered NYC. It was Boston.

14. What singer from the 70’s changed his name to Yusef Islam? We had no idea. It was Cat Stevens.

15. Cashmere comes from what animal? We guessed Sheep. It was Goat.

16. Dinger, a purple triceratops, is the mascot for which MLB team? Will was pretty sure it was the Colorado Rockies, and it was. Six points.

17. Which country has more active volcanoes than any other? Willis knew: Indonesia. Two points.

18. What person has won the most Academy Awards? Streep? Newman? Hepburn? No, no, no. WALT DISNEY. Despite missing 6 of the 9 second round questions, we were still tied for third. Emcee Erin must like Joel or Will.

Final Question: According to the FDA, what were the five most consumed raw fruits in 2011? Avocado is one of the five. We guessed Apple and Banana (both right). We missed on Cantaloupe and Grapefruit.

Dr Spacetime won, with 68 points. The Grindelows also aced the final question, taking second with 65 points. Our 50 placed us fourth. We beat six teams, including the Foxy Four, who managed 19 points.

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