Monday, December 05, 2011

Dabo to Bama? Eventually

We watched the SEC game, then the ACC game. Wild how Clemson woke up and played like they had earlier in the year. To me, that’s all coaching. When Nick Saban steps down, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alabama doesn’t call on Dabo. You heard it here first.

Friday Will had to drive from our house to Stone Mountain and back, then later to northern Cartersville, down to Kennesaw for a salsa dancing class, back to Cartersville, then home. Saturday he ground up leaves and but them in the flowerbeds. I cleaned the upstairs, did all the laundry, and bought Will a nice pair of golf shorts.

Walking into NP Sunday, along with a bulletin, I was handed a kazoo. To start the service, three musicians came out and played “The Nutcracker Suite” on tiny toy pianos, like Schroeder on A Charlie Brown Christmas. Later several more musicians came out, all with various toy musical instruments…including a tiny drum set. They played a Beach Boys Christmas song, then we all joined in on Joy to the World.

NP is having services Dec 23 at 6 pm, and Saturday Dec 24 at 9, 11, and 12:30 pm…nothing on the Christmas Day. Andy said he was prepared to get blasted by the media. In 2012 they’re adding a 6 pm service in Alpharetta. Buckhead Church already has a 6 pm service.

After church we used a BOGO coupon at CiCi’s. Much better than Thursday, but it was still CiCi’s. I let him off to walk the last mile home. Then I passed two kids with a sign: they were selling toys. Will had to walk past them, so he bought a little teddy bear for a dollar.

Watched Costas interview Neikro on the MLB Network. Later he interviewed the Lions’ Stafford and Johnson: the first UGA QB to throw a NFL TD pass to a GT receiver. We went down to Passion, and sat with Becky and Joel Norman. Ceil didn’t arrive home from Charlotte until 8 pm…about the same time we got home.

We watched the bowl selection shows as well. Doesn’t seem like anyone is happy with the process (or results). The BCS thinks that if people are talking about the system, then they’ve done their job.

My nephew’s team lost their state championship game, 10-0. Anna went to the game in Columbia, with her three cousins. C and M spent most of Friday and Saturday at the hospital. Her dad’s surgery went well, but was most extensive than they thought going in. He lost lots of blood and had lots of painkillers, so he wasn’t eating much. Still, he could go home Tuesday.

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