Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Student of the Week!

This past Friday Will was named “student of the week” by WCNN-AM, an Atlanta radio station. He was chosen based on his extracurricular activities and community involvement. Friday afternoon another one of the 15 weekly winners was chosen as the Student of the Year.

Monday night Will and I ate Trader Joes orange chicken, with rice. At lunch Monday I had leftover vegetables and beef. Monday we watched the NFL Network, then two Seinfeld episodes.

Tuesday MC and Will rang the bell for the Salvation Army, at a WalMart in Cartersville. I made a to-do list, but only did one thing. Tuesday I have leftover roast beef. For dinner I had turkey chili.

When our neighbor moved out, he gave us a wall unit air conditioner. Will and I posted it on Craig’s List, along with several other items. No phone calls yet. Now I’ve got Craig’s List set up on my phone, so I can take pictures of an item and post it for sale. I need to post at least one item per day.

I hate riding with a co-worker driving too fast. I always remember riding across the Mississippi River bridge to lunch in Memphis with a co-worker driving fast because “there’s no police between the states.”

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