Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Second Place

Sunday Will came in second in his 2-1/2 mile road race at Rock Eagle, with a time of 15:17. It was his fastest race ever, averaging just over six minute miles. In the girl’s race, Mary-Clayton finished fifth. Shortly after arriving at the 4-H retreat, Will sat down for lunch and noticed the guy next to him was wearing a letter-jacket. On closer inspection, the jacket read “cross country state champion.” That night several boys in Will’s cabin spoke of running cross country.

Ceil’s mom had gall-stone surgery Friday, but was able to go home Saturday. Her dad is doing better, but usually patients having that back surgery stay in the hospital for at least two weeks. Ceil said the new GPS was invaluable. She returned Sunday evening.

Anna spent the weekend studying. She and Matthew rented the final Harry Potter and Monte Carlo, a Disney movie. Friday afternoon I had started feeling sick, so I spent the evening one the couch. Saturday morning I cleaned up upstairs, then did laundry. After Matthew’s game we stocked up at Trader Joes. I watched RGIII win the Heisman Trophy, then “The Marinovich Project” on ESPN.

Sunday I tool M and A to NP. They had a cute little middle school rock band play several Christmas songs before the service. After a study session M and A went to the 3 pm Christmas Party down at Passion. I read the first 45 pages of a JFK Assassination book (the CIA did it) before the Passion service. Will and MC arrived late, after missing a turn on the interstate.

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