Monday, January 07, 2013

Can the Falcons Advance?

The Falcons seem to always draw to hottest team as a playoff opponent. Last year the Giants were headed to the Super Bowl, and the year before that the Packers were on a roll. Hopefully the Falcons can beat the Seahawks.

On Facebook I joined a group that asks baseball trivia from the 40's/50's/and 60's…good stuff.

I liked the A's back in the 70's, partially for their uniforms and white shoes. Blue Moon Odom was from Macon, which was a big deal. Joe Rudi was my favorite, especially after he made the leaping World Series catch against the wall in Riverfront. SI had an article about Vida Blue, how he always pitched with two dimes in his pocket.

I looked up Jeff Henderson's reading list. Saturday I bought Joe Torre's autobiography, published in the late 90's. I'll be more interested in that book than his later book about his troubles with Yankees.

Yesterday Will went back to Athens. Besides that, a pretty uneventful weekend.

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