Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sore Throat

Thought I was feeling better. Left work Wednesday thinking I was going to run, but then it started raining. Maybe I should’ve run anyway. After supper (ravioli, butterbeans, creamed corn, and broccoli) I went in to lay down on the living room couch, before 8 pm. Fell asleep for over two hours. Woke up with a sore throat. Took some nighttime medicine and went up to bed.

Got my replacement phone Wednesday, and got it activated that night. Today I got my work email and contacts added. Tonight I’ll add my other email accounts. Back in business.

Anna got her driver’s license late Wednesday. She wanted to go out afterwards, but we hadn’t added her onto the insurance yet. This week Matthew completed all his schoolwork early…a very rare occasion. He still has some catching up to do, but it was almost a cause for celebration.

During the winter all the changes going from being warm to being cold drives my nose crazy. Getting out of the warm bed, walking across the colder room, getting into the hot shower, then leaving the bathroom to put on clothes. Bundling up, waiting for the car to warm up, walking across the cold parking lot into work. I’ve been trying to dress warmly, and keep my feet warm. Exercising more is great, but I’m sure the outside air activates my allergies, and my nose runs and I have fits of sneezing, making me weak. Medicines dry me out. Perhaps if I keep exercising my body will adapt. Not really interested in taking maintenance meds in an effort to improve things.

Mighty Mites: Harrison was a tiny mop-haired dynamo, who would hustle around the court making steals. I remember Russ and Rodbell…dark hair? Andy Earnest sounds familiar…is Harrill his tiny little brother? I had one MM player who went on to become a Parade All America soccer player at Lovett. Every year when I ran the Peachtree I would see his dad, standing near the High Museum. One year Rick Statham was my assistant. Another year it was my Tech friend Sharon Langley. Later Sharon coached her own team. She loved Mary Elizabeth Teem.

Took Anna to art Tuesday night, then M and I stopped by the East Cobb library. Ceil cooked chicken and dumplings and baked bread, then took some to sick, pregnant Margaret Ewing Gaither. Her baby daughter’s picture is on the box of some baby product stocked in stores like Babies R Us. Went back and picked up Anna, letting M eat a Taco Bell burrito. After art Anna drove around the parking lot, practicing parallel parking. She takes her drivers test today.  

Josh Smith: if/when he ever leaves the Hawks, he will probably grow up and become even more of a beast of a player.

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