Tuesday, January 08, 2013

UGA > Notre Dame

Not much of a national championship game. Based on the outcome of the SEC Championship Game, Georgia’s big bowl victory, and Notre Dame’s dismal performance in the BCS Championship, UGA should’ve been ranked ahead of ND.  

I often wondered about Chipper’s possible steroid use back in 99 and 00. Think he fooled his parents? Seems like a bad call by MLB not to have anyone to enshrine this summer. Is the Veterans Committee putting anyone in?

Just read the Dec 3rd SI article on the Rockets stats-minded GM. Seems like teams like the Hawks would get attached to certain players, like Joe Johnson…even when it was apparent they weren’t going to advance deep into the playoffs with him on the team, either due to his on-court ability or his contract.

Can’t shake this cold.

May have came across a story somewhere about there being another Monsters movie in production. As I often do, I tweeted when I should’ve Googled. Great commercial. Hilarious how it doesn’t ever mention Disney, Pixar, or the upcoming movie.

We may have a plumbing problem at our house. We have trees that would need to be cut down at the same time. We need to fix up the house and move.

Monday night after school Ceil fixed burrito/taco stuff, then went over to her friend’s house. I had worked until almost six, and didn’t get to run. Had the last of the leftover lasagna for lunch yesterday, and some great homemade chicken soup today. 

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