Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More on Mighty Mites

Wish I still had all my Mighty Mite stats. Wayne Price got me involved coaching Mighty Mites, as his assistant. Our first team was the Knicks. We had Patricia and Lee Starnes, Robin Brady, Stephanie Dukes, Elizabeth Flack, Ruffin Moye, and Ruffin’s blonde-haired big sister. Other coaches were Fred O, Steve Norman, Jerome Mathis, and David Hurt. David Downing was a great referee, and Don Head ran the league. Other players in the league my first year were Marnie and Mandy Mullen, Chad Eaton, Tracy and JaDon Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Teem, and Robin Ramsey. To this day, whenever Bill Dukes sees me, he calls me coach.

In later years some of my Tech BSU buddies were coaches. When we weren’t in class we would sit around and talk Mighty Mite basketball. I ran stats on every player in the league. We would draft players in the 1-2-3-4-5-6-6-5-4-3-2-1 format. One year David Hurt was mad because he got the sixth pick, and missed out on all the best players. To get the other coaches back, he drafted the two cutest girls, JaDon and Angie Baumer, with his first two picks. Both were good point guards, and David’s season turned out well.

One year I had Richard Lea and his young sister Roberta. Roberta was scared to play. At the beginning of the year I would put her in the game and she would stand next to me, on the court. By the end of the season the boys were setting screens and feeding her the ball, trying to get her to score. She shot, but never scored.

I remember trying to coach the Celtics every year. Seems like most years my team would win the regular season championship, then lose the tourney championship.

Had a work dinner last night at my boss’s boss’s house, near downtown Norcross. Catered by Provino’s Italian Restaurant, also in downtown Norcross. Real Italian lasagna, ziti, ravioli, two kinds of salads, garlic bread. Appetizers were shrimp, meatballs, and little smoky sausages. Different types of brownies for dessert. Had at least 22 in attendance.

GoodReads: I set myself up during Sunday’s Falcon game, but I have a little more organizing to do. I went back and looked at Jeff Henderson’s page, then signed up. It should help me read more purposefully. You can see through Facebook that I was on there. I’m not entirely happy with the FB display, because it shows books that I’ve read as books I’d like to read. I saw where several FM friends have GoodReads accounts, but I didn’t add them as friends.

Brought in an old Falcon helmet to work, as well as a jersey. Darryl brought a Falcons blanket, so now there’s more than just the boss’s Patriots stuff. Glad that the Falcons won after three of the five Fox “experts” picked them to lose. SF has a tougher defense than Seattle, as well as a mobile QB like the Seahawks. Funny pre-game video featuring ex-governor Arnold. I have never seen anyone catch balls in traffic like Gonzalez…amazing. I liked DOB’s tweet: Tony will be the best to retire “in his prime” since Barry Sanders. At lunch I was reading the SI article on Eli, how Wellington Mara was dying during Eli’s second season. Now whenever the Mara’s are mentioned, I think of the actress Mara.

Claire has the two sets of twins. The older set turn three in a few weeks. Before Christmas one of the twins lost her diamond engagement ring, that was her grandmother’s. Only when they were putting up Christmas decorations did they find the ring.

Even if Maravich only played four years in Atlanta, the Hawks web site prominently displays him as one of the all time great Hawks.

I’m almost off the grid without a cell phone. Mine broke last Monday, and two replacement orders got approved, then cancelled. Hopefully the third time will be the charm. I’m supposed to get a new 4S. Haven’t been able to check Twitter or Facebook as much as usual. Anna is getting a used iPhone from a friend, who had heard that she was unhappy with her 3.

Matthew found a limited edition Switchfoot CD/DVD twin pack at a thrift store for 80 cents. He hadn’t seen this on the Switchfoot website. In February we’re going to see the lead singer at the Center Stage theater.

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