Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rise Up...Next Year

Seems like the Falcons defense couldn’t stop the 49ers offense in the second half. This deep in the playoff you gotta play perfect football. The interception and fumble didn’t help. Neither did the two personal foul penalties. In the second half the Niners made adjustments to make Atlanta’s passing game not quite so potent. With Michael Turner hurt, that took away the Falcons running game.

Falcons had a great season…advancing further than all but three other teams. Will be tougher next season without Tony Gonzalez. Hopefully the defense can get better.

After work Friday I went for a run at a soccer complex near work. Someone busted out a window on the Civic. Nothing was stolen, though there was plenty they could have taken…briefcase, laptop, new iPhone, wallet, Falcons jersey. Looked like they picked up my boot, then left it on the seat. In the future I will be MUCH more careful.

One Sunday night before we had kids we drove Ceil’s old Mazda 626 to SPdL. We were running late for the service and had to park far in back of the upper lot. Ceil left her purse on the floorboard, and someone broke the passenger window and stole it. I’ll have to write about the time a burglar stole a new stove from our Morningside garage.

Friday night Ceil wanted to Redbox a movie, so we watched Trouble With the Curve. We enjoyed it, and it seemed to get better as it went along. Still, not the greatest movie ever. I did like Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams. Macon’s old Luther Williams Field got some screen time.

With no Monday classes, Will came home for the weekend. Last weekend he went hiking on Grandfather Mountain in NC.

Got the window replaced Saturday. As usual, going in and out of the cold Friday and Saturday made me sneeze uncontrollably, and wore me out. Matthew was sick as well, so we stayed home Sunday morning. Passion cancelled their 4 pm service for the Falcon game, and had a pep rally/cookout after the 11 am service.  

Back before they built the FLC in 1990, I had a key to the old SPdL gym that I would use from time to time. I wish I had a key to one of the church gyms at the end of my street!

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