Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Worldwide Pants

Bought a pair of new pair of black slacks. Had to retire a few pair that had worn out, and needed more for the work rotation. Lately I’ve only been wanting to wear black or dark grey slacks. Guess I need a pair of navy slacks. I also am a sucker for black warm-up pants. Great to wear on weekends, except for church. Just bought two more pair that I really didn’t need. The new cotton Nike pair will be warmer. I have a warm navy pair I need to wear. I like my two pair of dri-fit warm-ups…one Nike and one New Balance. The two pair of adidas warm-ups are nice, but thin. I need to put the other old pair in my car, to run in. I’d like to get some blue adidas warm-up pants, and maybe a white or light grey pair to run in when its dark, for greater visibility.

Didn’t watch TV Tuesday night. Matthew was doing schoolwork. Ceil cooked his favorite meal: hot wings. Also a chicken breast for her and me. I drove Anna to art. She pouted about not being able to drive herself,
but the rush hour traffic headed to East Cobb from Sandy Springs can be tough. Later I had to go pick her up.

Monday night Anna went to the Ed Sheeran concert at the Tabernacle. She’s been on the go ever since she got her license last Wednesday. Thursday she went to Starbucks. Friday she went out to eat with friends at CPK, Saturday to a party north of Alpharetta, and Sunday she drove to church. Tonight she drives to art class in Sandy Springs. We’ll make her stay home Wednesday and Thursday. Will spent Monday night at home last night and woke up early to drive back to Athens.

Matthew is starting to want to go out every Saturday to look for CD’s at thrift stores. If we go I combine the trip with other errands I need to run. On our trips I usually pick him up Taco Bell, since he eats so little of our regular meals at home. This past Saturday we were sick, and I was waiting for the window guy to come. Since M is interested in cars I called him out to watch the window get replaced, but he didn’t stay for long.

Reading my Joe Torre book. When he was 18 one of his best friends was Tony Orlando. In 1960 he bought his first car from Bud Selig. Torre is quite introspective and forthcoming on what led to the successes and failures of his career, including intimate family details and his own immaturity. Did I write about ? People use it to list and find books to read. You list what categories you like, which books you’ve read and want to read, and it suggests similar books. Rob Suggs is on there, as is Jeff Henderson, the former Buckhead Church pastor, and several other people I know. I’ve added my reading list, so when I go to the library I can have a list of books I want to check out.

The new Jackie Robinson movie “42” was filmed in Chattanooga’s old Engle Stadium. Not sure if any was filmed in Macon’s Luther Williams Field. Saw Chipper play at Luther Williams. In the mid-60’s the Macon Peaches were a Reds farm team. Not sure who I saw, but Pete Rose and Tony Perez played in Macon. The story is resurfacing about the Braves bad TV deal being one of the worst in baseball. Terry McGuirk is taking the high road, not pointing fingers but saying the Braves should be able to remain competitive if they manage the team properly. Yet replies to DOB and Mark Bowman aren’t as civil (or educated).

Haven’t gotten into basketball full throttle yet, except for the Tech games and NBA. Tech played a good first half against Duke.

Falcons: my concern is the offense won’t be as potent without Tony Gonzalez. I did read the kicker story in SI, which was good. It didn’t do into much detail about his kicking. I thought his decision was solid, picking a smaller school where he wanted to live as opposed to a major school where his chances were slimmer.

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