Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ran again after work yesterday, then when I got home Ceil was just going out on a walk/run with our dog, so I tagged along. For supper she fixed those green chicken burritos I mentioned yesterday. Had the leftovers for lunch today. As usual, Tuesday night was a busy homework night for M and A. We kept tabs on the GT/Clemson game. Ceil’s brother and nephew were at the game. Later I dozed off on the sofa.

Will gets to interview for a Resident Assistant position in the UGA dorms next year.

Last night I was looking at the back cover of Matthew’s Lego magazine/catalog. Lately M has been into Star Wars. I noticed the Lego Star Wars Death Star was on sales for $399.99. Probably has a thousand pieces to put together.

Have to check on Will’s girlfriend’s family…the storm passed right through their neck of the woods.

My BP friend John posted on FB this AM that he spoke to the Upton brothers on the phone. John usually isn’t a practical joker, so hopefully I can get the rest of the story. John attended the Braves Caravan stop in Middle Georgia. John asked if they set personal goals, and if so, what does a good season like. Justin said his goal is “to help this team win a championship.” He added that setting numerical marks can sometimes work against a player. BJ agreed “You don’t get into particulars. You know what range you’re in, the numbers come with good play.

Good tweet by Chipper this AM about the deer antler extract.

Not much going on with me. Even though my main customer is shut down, I’ve still been running around putting out fires all week.

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