Sunday, January 27, 2013

MLB TV Top 40 Unis

One of the MLB Network's more interesting shows is thier "COUNTDOWN" show, where they rank players by position, or great catches or games. I was most interested in thier top 40 most unforgettable uniforms, but was amazed to find that the Braves distinctive 1972 "feather" unis were nowhere on the list.

In 72 the Braves and Oakland A's broke the "color barrier" by donning dark-colored jerseys. For several years Oakland had been mixing in an all-yellow uni, but in 72 matched either a kelly green/bright yellow, or Sunday home white jersey with white pants. The Braves also ditched the traditional road greys, wearing royal blue jerseys on the road with white pants.

The 72 Braves were the first to add the constrasting colored shoulders and mod-looking sleeve feathers. In later years teams like the Padres would copy the contrasting shoulder colors, but the Braves were the first. Similar to the expansion Montreal Expos, the Braves had royal blue caps with a white front, and stylized white-fronted batting helmets. This would be the uniform Hank Aaron would go down in history wearing when he broke Bath Ruth's all-time home run record.

The MLB Network seemed to find a place on their list for most teams. Only the Rockies, Rangers, Twins, and Diamondbacks were left off the list. Many teams wore all-powder blue uniforms in the late 70's/early 80's. The Royals also made the list. But for some reason the show's producers were compelled to choose the powder blue road uni as the Braves' most unforgettable uniform, as opposed to the classic feather uni. What were they thinking?

On the top 40 list below, there are several uniforms much less unforgetable than the Braves feather unis.

40. Padres camouflage jerseys
39. 1990 White Sox softball uniforms
38. Some old time pink uniforms
37. 1993 Marlins inaugural teal jerseys, caps, & helmets
36. 1911 Cubs head to toe navy uniforms
35. 1973 Angels change from lower case a to upper case A
34. 1956 Reds sleeveless jerseys
33. 1970's Orioles classic unis
32. 1980 Braves powder blue unis
31. 1998 Devil Rays inaugural purple-to-yellow logo 
30. 1980's Giants orange jerseys & sanitaries
29. 1916 Brooklyn Robins plaid jerseys
28. 1952 Dodgers: first with numbers on the front
27. 1973 Phillies powder blue road unis 
26. 1908: Boston change name to Red Sox, wear big sock on jersey
25. 1977: Disney buys Angels, wear navy & periwinkle winged jersey
24. 1983 Mets shoulder racing stripes
23. Red Sox' classic uniforms
22. 1971 Orioles all-orange unis
21. 1962 Cubs classic bear face patch
20. 1975 Indians all-red uniforms
19. 1906 New York Giants "Worlds Champions" jerseys
18. 1962 Houston Colt 45s unis with smoking gun jersey
17. 1977 Blue Jays "iconic" logo & unique paralel line lettering
16. 1977 Mariners original unis with the trident M
15. 1999 MLB Back to the Future promotion
14. 1972 A's green/yellow/white jerseys & white shoes
13. 1978 Brewers ball & glove unis 
12. 1969 Pilots scrambled egg caps & officers striped sleeves
11. 1969 Expos unique logo, tri-colored caps, & later racing-striped unis  
10. 1975 Padres brown jerseys & yellow sanitaries
 9. 1979 Phillies once-worn all-burgundy "Saturday Night Special" unis
 8. Detriot Tigers unchanging home uniform
 7. 1973 Royals all-powder blue road unis
 6. Dodgers classic blue-trimmed uniforms
 5. 1979 Pirates multi-combination black/yellow/white/striped unis
 4. 1975 Astros peach melba unis
 3. Cardinals classic birds on bat uniforms
 2. 1976 White Sox collared jerseys & shorts
 1. Yankees classic pinstriped home uniform

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