Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cruising with Matthew

Made nine stops while running errands Saturday.

1. Great Clips, for a haircut.

2. Lassiter Goodwill. The main destination of this trip was Play It Again Sports to look for weights, but I found exactly what I was looking for at Goodwill, at a third of the price. Also bought a new pair of cotton Nike warmup pants, as well as some New Balance warmups. Passed on a Falcons Hawaiian shirt.

3. America’s Thrift Store. Matthew wanted to look for old CD’s.Instead he got four old car magazines. I passed on an interesting pair of football socks, and some Boston Celtics style green Pony high-tops.

4. Taco Bell for Matthew. Another reason he went.

5. Hubcap Annie’s in Smyrna. The van needs a new wheel. I’d driven past this place for years. We were in the neighborhood, so we stopped by. They didn’t have our wheel.

6. Park Avenue Thrift. Passed on an orange Titleist cap.

7. Bill Harden Music. Matthew browsed the guitars.

8. Value Village: Matthew found a gem: a two-disk Switchfoot CD/DVD set that he had never seen before, not even on the website, for 80 cents. A pair of Nikes didn’t feel good, but I bought a checked Brooks Brothers dress shirt.

9. Kroger: Ceil needed dishwashing detergent. I got blueberry yogurt, and Matthew got pudding and an Arnold Palmer.

Back home I watched some NFL football. Ceil made pizza with homemade dough, and Anna had us watch Miss America. With Matthew we watched his new Switchfoot DVD.

While running to the bank at lunch Friday my car had trouble starting, so I left work a little early and got it fixed: nine bucks. I was tired and it was raining, so I only made one more stop on the way home: Kroger. Ceil and Anna went shopping after supper: chicken and pasta.

Last week was super busy. Monday my cell phone died, and there were several snags trying to get it replaced. Hopefully I’ll have it by the end of next week.witter Anna bemoaned the fact I was getting a new phone, and her rich friend in SC said he would send her his old iPhone4.

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