Friday, January 11, 2013

No Louie: Like Cheaters in HOF

Perhaps Pete Rose is right. People are beginning to come around on letting these cheaters into the HOF. They can put what happened right on their plaque. Letting cheaters into the HOF is not unlike the current outrage over inauguration prayer-giver Louie Giglio. Louie was harassed by the “Think Progress” group for a sermon he preached twenty years ago, with a text straight from the Bible. Some are calling it a “State Run Church” since the only people allowed to pray are those whose beliefs are in line with the country’s overall moral compass, as opposed to a higher authority. To his credit, the President has praised Giglio for his work to end human trafficking and slavery.

Aaron Murray’s brains are above average for a college/pro QB. Perhaps not quite a Brady/Manning, but certainly not a Vick. Murray’s roommates and coaches say he is a relentless studier who stays up every Saturday night studying next week’s opponent. As a UGA QB he may be the best ever: a better, stronger arm than Zeier or David Greene, certainly better than Belue. Matt Stafford was/is great, but he’s been more productive as a pro than he was at UGA. People love size, but look at the Seahawks Russell Wilson. I don’t know about number one overall, but Murray is a late first rounder at worst. His stock could rise after next year, even those Georgia’s September schedule is tough…Clemson, SC, and LSU.

Sugar Bowl: Gator defenders were celebrating after making tackles…even though Louisville had made a first down. Georgia was much more deserving of a BCS berth. Interesting list of athletes at the game: Ali, Aaron Murray, Tebow, Emmitt Smith. Shaq was at the Chickfila Bowl. Passion pastor Louie Giglio had his photo taken with him.

A few years ago I met Don Hansen, who played linebacker with Nobis and Greg Brezina. This was at a Johnson Ferry Baptist conference. Hansen had slimmed down from his playing days, but maybe he was never that big to begin with. Brezina may have been one of the conference leaders.

At trivia Thursday night we came in second, and won a prize. Me and Mary and Haley Hurt, and Alyssa’s mom Denise and sister Elizabeth.

BUSY with training, quality problems, etc etc etc. My cell phone broke, it’s been a slow go getting it replaced.

Last week Matthew cooked chili for supper. I went to bed at halftime of all the bowl games. Ceil watched the Passion Conference on line. Beth Moore spoke.

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