Friday, January 11, 2013

Jan 10 Trivia: 2nd Place!

Had a good night at Land of a thousand Hills trivia Thursday. It was the last trivia night until May, so I joined Mary, Haley, Denise, and Elizabeth. Craig was resting up for a big day of work, and David didn’t quite make it.

1. LOTH: What is my name? One of the girls knew: Xanna Kidd

2. GEOGRAPHY: What is the world’s smallest ocean? The girls didn’t know. ARTIC. A one point miss.

3. MATH: What is the square root of 25? Easy: Five. (or -5).

4. GEOGRAPHY: What continent is Greece on? Haley knew: Europe.

5. MOVIES: In the 2012 Batman movie, who played Catwoman? Elizabeth knew: Anne Hathaway.

6. FAMOUS PEOPLE: Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell.

7. HISTORY: Who defeated the Aztecs? Cortez sounded good to me.

8. TECHNOLOGY: What does AOL stand for? America On Line.

9. AMERICA: What year did the Civil War begin? I’m currently reading Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln, and this detail was in the book. I thought it was 1861, and Denise thought so too. It was.

HALFTIME: Name the company that uses the following slogans:
5. EAT FRESH: Subway

We got 2 and 5. Our 30 points placed us tied for third, five points behind the leaders.

10. AMERICA: We all know the 13 original states. Which was the 14th state? Only three teams knew: Vermont. A two point miss.

11. HISTORY: Who invented the assembly line? I knew: Henry Ford. Six points.

12. ART: How many crayons were in the first box of Crayola Crayons? We guessed six. It was eight. A four point miss…our last of the evening.

13. POT POURI: What did Ponce de Leon go to Florida to find? I told Haley and Elizabeth it was one of their Senior Retreat destinations. The Fountain of Youth.
14. PRESIDENTS: Ronald Reagan was Governor of what state? California.

15. SPORTS: What baseball player walked the most times? I knew: Barry Bonds.

16. CARTOONS: What Peanuts character was always dirty? Mary knew: Pig Pen

17. SPORTS: In 1972, what NFL team was the first to hire cheerleaders? For some reason my first thought was the Los Angeles Rams. In the late seventies they trotted out the “Embraceable Ewes”. Recently Uni-Watch published an old photo of NFL cheerleaders. I didn’t click on it, but I thought it was the Redskins. Older than 1972. Then it hit me, what the girls were thinking: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. THAT was 1972. We got the question right, but I’m not sure Xanna did.

18. LITERATURE: Who wrote the James Bond series of novels? Somehow I knew: Ian Fleming.

We had just answered the final six questions of the game. Going into the final question, our 60 points placed us third.

FINAL: Name the top five highest selling cars of all-time. I scribbled down some likely candidates, and we discussed them. Mary suggested the Ford F150 pickup, and insisted it be included. Denise had a Jetta. I also had a Jetta, as well as a Golf. I had bought the Golf because David had a GTI. He suggested I get one. We got three of five.

1. Toyota Corolla
2. Ford F150 pickup
3. Volkswagen Golf
4. Volkswagen Beetle
5. Ford Escort

Xanna read off the final scores, in reverse order. I jotted them down. It seemed forever before she called our name. Second place!

We each got to pick a number from the hat, and Haley won a pound of LOTH coffee. An evening to remember.

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