Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 Thrift Recap

Top Ten 2013 Finds:
1. limited edition Switchfoot CD/DVD combo (for $1.00)
2. black wool Gap dress slacks
3. Mitchell & Ness Saints throwback jersey
4. Columbia PFG fishing pants
5. Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey jersey
6. New Balance 990 running shoes
7. four Columbia PFG fishing shirts
8. two pair of fishing pants/shorts
9. two new 10# barbells (on the way to buy full-priced ones)
10. black Nike backpack

$487.26 spent at thrift stores
4202.00 cost if bought new
88% savings
132 items bought

25 CD’s for Matthew
Six pairs of shoes
20 items to sell, which more than paid for ALL my 2013 thrift store purchases.
45 shirts (includes dress shirts, M’s soccer jerseys, jerseys to sell, t-shirts, etc)
…eight T-shirts
…six dress shirts
…seven casual shirts
…three golf shirts

15 pairs of pants (includes slacks, warm-ups, jeans, & PFG)
15 REI/Timberland/Columbia PFG shirts/pants (included above)
Six pairs of shorts
Nine bobblehead dolls

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